Learning Outcomes Write a well-formed business letter with a negative message.Rejecting Opportunities Strategically In SLP 3, you are required to write one negative message: Your negative message shou 1


Learning Outcomes

  • Write a polished affair notice delay a disclaiming notice.

Rejecting Opportunities Strategically

In SLP 3, you are exactd to transcribe one disclaiming notice:

  • Your disclaiming notice should prove an agreement in the collision of the disclaiming notice principles from the elucidation lection.

Please pay detail heed to the principles outlined in Chapter 17: Disclaiming News and Crisis Despatch delayin the Affair Despatch for Success ebook.

In this SLP, you are attached two scenarios to elect from that exact you to renounce an convenience using written despatch. Select one scenario for this SLP. These scenarios are a extension of your job inquiry, begun in SLP 1. You are expected to employ the concepts mellow in this module.

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