Listed below are selected transactions of Schultz Department Store for the current year ending December 31. 1. On December 5, the store received $500 from the Selig Players as a deposit to be returned


Listed underneath are clarified transactions of Schultz Department Garner for the running year limit December 31.

1. On December 5, the garner current $500 from the Selig Players as a defence to be returned aftercited undeniable goods to be used in mark formation was returned on January 15.

2. During December, coin sales totaled $798,000, which includes the 5% sales tax that must be remitted to the narrate by the fifteenth day of the aftercited month.

3. On December 10, the garner purchased for coin three offer trucks for $120,000. The trucks were purchased in a narrate that applies a 5% sales tax.

4. The garner sturdy it get require $100,000 to regarner the area (considered a place amendment) embracing one of its garner parking lots, when the garner is secretive in 2 years. Schultz estimates the unspotted appraise of the belief at December 31 is $84,000.


Prepare all the register entries essential to archives the transactions illustrious aloft as they occurred and any adjusting register entries not-absolute to the transactions that would be required to confer-upon unspotted financial narratements at December 31. Date each record. For artlessness, usurp that adjusting entries are archivesed simply uninterruptedly a year on December 31.

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