Mapping the Product Life Cycle (PLC) Presentation Purpose of Assignment The Product Life Cycle (PLC) is a vital component of the marketing plan. Monitoring products and services as they flow through


Mapping the Issue Life Cycle (PLC) Presentation

Purpose of Assignment 

The Issue Life Cycle (PLC) is a material ingredient of the marketing sketch. Monitoring issues and services as they course through this rule helps marketing superintendents dispose their marketing strategies to hold issues and services thriving for as crave as feasible. Monitoring this cycle helps companies and organizations abide to maximize the estimate of their issues and services delay their target balance occasion. The point of this assignment is to afford students the occasion to imply how each order in the PLC creates a deficiency for disposement to marketing strategies and allows students to assess what operation(s) deficiency to be enthralled.

Assignment Steps 

Resources: Marketing: Ch. 1: pg. 4-10; Ch. 2: pg.40-46, 54-69; Ch. 11: pg. 292-309

Scenario: You currently performance as the marketing superintendent of your jewel company/organization and handle the prosperity of one of its issues or services. Your service is to adviser the orders of the Issue Life Cycle (PLC) and dispose the marketing strategies as deficiencyed for your issue to succeed for as crave as feasible. At each order, you assess changes you deficiency to shape to the issue, expense manoeuvre, as polite as race and advantage.

Create a 10- to 20-slide (not counting cbalance slide or allusion slide) Microsoft® PowerPoint® exhibition delay speaker's notes clotheing the subjoined criteria:

  • Develop a slide contrast the discourse and goals of the exhibition.
  • Define and sift-canvass the PLC concept and its consequence to marketing superintendents.
  • Define and sift-canvass what role pricing manoeuvre has in marketing and how marketing mangers flow what manoeuvre to use.
  • Describe what company/organization and issue/service you are using.
  • Create one slide for each of the impure orders of the PLC describing the order and analyzes the implications each order may bear on expense manoeuvre, issue, race, and advantage for your chosen issue/service. Use the issue/service you chosen to explain each order as it is sift-canvassed delay initiatory examples.
  • Discuss the rationalistic aback why the PLC is material to marketing superintendents and divide examples of feasible implications if it is not advisered.

Cite a partiality of two peer-reviewed sources delay one future from the textbook or the University Library. Use in-text citations in the exhibition slides and speaker's notes to evidence your lore.

Format your exhibition congruous delay APA guidelines.

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