Materials purchased 20,000 units Direct labour costs incurred $36,000 Total of direct labour rate and efficiency variances S 500 F Actual wage rate…


Milberg Co. uses aridity absorbing and trutination absorbing to reform absorb coerce. In 2016, the completion budgeted over reprove was $1.55 per plain labour hour. When preparing the budget, Milberg expected a monthly vital-force roll of 10,000 plain labour hours. The monthly wavering over absorb budgeted for this roll of vital-force was $9,500.

The forthcoming facts on real results are supposing for the month of November 2016.

calculate the forthcoming discords:

Material Figure Variance

Materials Quantity Variance

Total Materials Variance

Labor Figure Variance

Labor Quantity Variance

Total Labor Variance

Variable Over Spending Variance

Variable Over Teachableness Variance

Variable Over Completion Variance

Fixed Over Spending Variance

Fixed Over Teachableness Variance

Fixed Over Completion Variance

* delight apprehend all formulas and do not use excel

*I am struggling delay the urban and wavering over discords

Materials purchased20,000 unitsDirect labour absorbs incurred$36,000Total of plain labour reprove and teachableness discordsS 500 FActual wage reprove ($0.20 near than trutination)$ 4.80Underapplied wavering over absorbs$ 1,065 UTotal underapplied urban and wavering over absorbs$ 2,256 UMaterials figure discord$ 200 FMaterials teachableness discord$ 610 FPrice of purchased materials$ 0.60 per unitMaterials used15,000 units
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