Module 3 – Case DEBTOR/CREDITOR RELATIONS, AGENCY, AND EMPLOYMENT Assignment Overview In this assignment, you will be presented with a variety of hypothetical scenarios. For each scenario, you need to 2


Module 3 - Case


Assignment Overview

In this assignment, you procure be presented delay a medley of relatively scenarios. For each scenario, you scarcity to clear-up the rationalistic subsequently your confutation and use at conclusive one intimation from the setting materials to prop your confutation. You are frank to name added commencements that are not interjacent in the setting materials. However, any citation should be from trustworthy commencements such as doctrines from ProQuest or textbooks from Ebrary rather than accidental webpages. Your tractate should be 4 to 5 pages: 

Case Assignment

1.   Deem you are the proprietor of an incident planning duty. You employ rebellious contractors to do the setup—assymbol adornments, fix the instituteation advantage is as appointed, etc.—at the unanalogous incidents that you construct. One of your rebellious contractors is stressed one day consequently you’ve asked him to shape some conclusive-minute changes to the seating setup at a urbane discourse. On his way to the tavern hosting the incident, the rebellious contractor rams into the end of someone’s car. The driver of the car your rebellious contractor hit is transported afar by ambulance delay neck disinclination. A few weeks succeeding you accept a ole-for communication from an advocate research you to pay medical expenses for the driver of the car your rebellious contractor hit. Do you gard you procure be licogent for these medical expenses? Clear-up your rationalistic.

2.   Deem the gang you achievement for is going through some tenacious seasons and your boss has no exquisite but to let an employee go. Your boss has told you that he is symbolificant that your achievementassymbol is in an “employment-at-will” say. You apprehend your boss was disestablish that your co-worker Ann had follow recent to an symbolificant client discourse, consequently she had stopped off to vote on the conclusive choice day. The client closely canceled his appoint, consequently he felt disrespected by Ann entity recent; equal though she was cogent to soften things aggravate when she finally showed up. To you, it was not a astonish then when you aggravateheard your boss firing Ann and pointed her that her lay-off was performance-based, and the gang solely couldn’t allow employees who were deliberately recent for symbolificant discourses. Is your boss’ firing of Ann legally defensible? Explain.

3.   You are the proprietor of a new cauliflower pizza crust creator. The pizza crusts are made largely of cauliflower and brown rice flour. Your realityory aggravateseer takes the start and careers to assymbol an appoint for further brown rice flour from one of your suppliers conjuncture you are out of town. Since the brown rice flour was needful for care operations going conjuncture you were past, you happily pay the supplier for the appoint when you get end in town. This similar employee starts to assymbol new appoints for brown rice flour anyseason food are low, and equal though you nincessantly gave him dignified endurance to do this you support paying the supplier. However, one day you regard that the value that the supplier of brown rice flour is research is better than the going scold delay other suppliers. You ole the supplier and ask for a decrease in value, consequently you declare that the employee, the realityory aggravateseer, was not verified to assymbol the appoint in the primary assign. Do you gard the supplier sway maintain on getting his peculiar value equal though you say the employee was not verified to assymbol the appoint? Explain.

4.   You are the proprietor of a beachside restaurant, and you entertain lifeless subsequently for multifarious months on your hypothecation repayments to the bank (you owe a completion of $100,000). The bank has befollow fed up and now wants you to operative aggravate all of your fostering gang funds to pay end the hypothecation. However, the summer passenger suitableness is heresucceeding up in a few months and this is where you typically do 60%-70% of your duty for the year. Without your gang funds you procure not be cogent to pay your solution and pay your staff, so you procure not be cogent to pay end the bank until succeeding the summer suitableness. If you end up scarcitying to finish for noncommunication, what archearchetype do you gard would be most embezzle for this situation—Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13?

5.   Now deem that you career to unconcealed up a full-advantage 24-hour auto restore garner. Your garner is the barely one that is unconcealed 24 hours a day in your home town. In reality, you are tolerably unfailing it is the barely 24-hour auto restore garner in the say. Your duty is now a sublime victory, but you had a sublime communicate of labor finally furnishing an auto artisan procureing to achievement the recent displace. You are now solicitous that this artisan can permission you at any season and go unconcealed or aid someone else unconcealed up a 24-hour garner. You career to shape him symbol a noncompetition obligation byword that if he incessantly permissions your garner he cannot achievement as an auto artisan anywhere in your say for the instant sequal years. He looks at you and says, “Are you out of your opinion?” What recommencement provisions of a noncompetition obligation do you gard would be further unexcited?

Assignment Expectations

·        Confutation the assignment questions at-once.

·        Stay focused on the punctilious assignment questions. Do not go off on tangents or use a lot of extension to summarizing open setting materials.

·        Shape unfailing to use relicogent and trustworthy commencements as your intimations. Doctrines published in ordinary newspapers or duty journals/magazines are preferred. If you furnish doctrines on the Internet, shape unfailing they are from a trustworthy commencement.

·        Intimation your commencements of advice delay twain a bibliography and in-text citations. See the Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper, including pages 13 and 14 on in-text citations. Another recommencement is the “Writing Style Guide,” which is institute inferior “My Resources” in the TLC Portal.

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