Module 3 – Case DEBTOR/CREDITOR RELATIONS, AGENCY, AND EMPLOYMENT Assignment Overview In this assignment, you will be presented with a variety of hypothetical scenarios. For each scenario, you need to


Module 4 - Case RESPONSIBILITY ACCOUNTING FOR COST, PROFIT AND INVESTMENT CENTERS Assignment Overview Review the three components in the contrast embodied to reply the inquirys and establish computations about to once accounting. Case Assignment Short-Answer Questions 1. What is the indispenspointed faculty of once accounting? 2. Register five essential deedors that should be considered in crafty reports for a once accounting appoint. 3. How promptly should accounting reports be skilful following the end of the act mass determination? Explain. 4. Name and naradmonish three emblems of once lifes and register their ocean characteristics. 5. Give five real-world examples of at definite two of the emblems of once lifes. 6. Manifold organizations proviso the number of charge (cost) lifes. a. Register three reasons for unendowed to proviso require lifes. b. Register three ideas for eliminating or reducing the bigness of an corporeal require life. 7. What is the concatenation among the size of decentralization and the cannonade life concept? 8. Give some of the advantages of decentralization. 9. Differentiate among a trodden require and an introdden require of a member. What happens to these categories if the members to which they are kindred are eliminated? Divorce II Real-World Example Review the contrast embodied and do some elimination to glean about organizations using once lifes as divorce of an organizational building. Notice can be institute in the notice, elimination brochures, and on cannonade sites. Another discretion is to settle the financial sayments for a gang, establish some assumptions, and ad your own admonish of the organizational building. Naradmonish the settle and the results. Show computations when divert. Assignment Expectations Divorce I Write 3–5 sentences for each inquiry. Use Word and establish a disjoined yielding for this divorce. Divorce II Write an essay (300–500 expression). Show origins when divert. APA format is suggested, but not required. Module 3 - Case DEBTOR/CREDITOR RELATIONS, AGENCY, AND EMPLOYMENT Assignment Overview In this assignment, you achieve be presented delay a multiformity of provisionally scenarios. For each scenario, you want to decipher the forced following your reply and use at definite one allusion from the contrast embodieds to living your reply. You are uncounted to quote attached origins that are not comprised in the contrast embodieds. However, any quotation should be from likely origins such as declaration from ProQuest or textbooks from Ebrary rather than stray webpages. Your brochure should be 4 to 5 pages: Case Assignment 1. Assume you are the possessor of an adventure planning occupation. You commission dogged contractors to do the setup—settle ornaments, fix the acceleration labor is as appointed, etc.—at the unanalogous adventures that you adjust. One of your dogged contractors is stressed one day accordingly you’ve asked him to establish some definite-minute changes to the seating setup at a urbane contravention. On his way to the public-house hosting the adventure, the dogged contractor rams into the end of someone’s car. The driver of the car your dogged contractor hit is delighted sepaadmonish by ambulance delay neck refusal. A few weeks succeeding you admit a demand epistle from an attorney research you to pay medical charges for the driver of the car your dogged contractor hit. Do you apprehend you achieve be conditional for these medical charges? Decipher your forced. 2. Assume the gang you result for is going through some unmanagepointed intervals and your boss has no exquisite but to let an employee go. Your boss has told you that he is conspicuous that your resultsettle is in an “employment-at-will” say. You recognize your boss was aggravateturn that your co-worker Ann had succeed recent to an essential client contravention, accordingly she had stopped off to control on the definite choice day. The client approximately canceled his appoint, accordingly he felt disrespected by Ann being recent; uniform though she was pointed to ease things aggravate when she finally showed up. To you, it was not a startle then when you aggravateheard your boss firing Ann and pointed her that her lay-off was act-based, and the gang singly couldn’t bear employees who were deliberately recent for essential contraventions. Is your boss’ firing of Ann legally defensible? Explain. 3. You are the possessor of a new cauliflower pizza envelope manufacturer. The pizza envelopes are made principally of cauliflower and brown rice flour. Your deedory superintendent takes the example and flows to settle an appoint for further brown rice flour from one of your suppliers intervalliness you are out of town. Since the brown rice flour was indispensconducive for maintenance operations going intervalliness you were bygone, you happily pay the supplier for the appoint when you get end in town. This corresponding employee starts to settle new appoints for brown rice flour anyinterval arrangement are low, and uniform though you nforever gave him methodical allowance to do this you observe paying the supplier. However, one day you observe that the appraisement that the supplier of brown rice flour is research is excellent than the going admonish delay other suppliers. You seduce the supplier and ask for a decrease in appraisement, accordingly you affirm that the employee, the deedory superintendent, was not verified to settle the appoint in the primitive settle. Do you apprehend the supplier potentiality demand on getting his first appraisement uniform though you say the employee was not verified to settle the appoint? Explain. 4. You are the possessor of a beachside restaurant, and you feel flat following for manifold months on your mortgage repayments to the bank (you owe a completion of $100,000). The bank has besucceed fed up and now wants you to operative aggravate all of your cherishing gang funds to pay end the mortgage. However, the summer tourist opportunity is hence up in a few months and this is where you typically do 60%-70% of your occupation for the year. Without your gang funds you achieve not be pointed to pay your solution and pay your staff, so you achieve not be pointed to pay end the bank until following the summer opportunity. If you end up wanting to improve for delaydrawal, what emblem do you apprehend would be most divert for this settle—Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13? 5. Now assume that you flow to notorious up a full-labor 24-hour auto restore abundance. Your abundance is the singly one that is notorious 24 hours a day in your residence town. In deed, you are tolerably trusting it is the singly 24-hour auto restore abundance in the say. Your occupation is now a majestic consummation, but you had a majestic communicate of difficulty finally answer an auto artificer achieveing to result the recent displace. You are now concerned that this artificer can liberty you at any interval and go notorious or acceleration someone else notorious up a 24-hour abundance. You flow to establish him mark a noncompetition covenant saw that if he forforever libertys your abundance he cannot result as an auto artificer anywhere in your say for the direct suniform years. He looks at you and says, “Are you out of your inclination?” What choice conditions of a noncompetition covenant do you apprehend would be further unintoxicated? Assignment Expectations • Reply the assignment inquirys troddenly. • Stay focused on the formal assignment inquirys. Do not go off on tangents or decontrol a lot of meastable to summarizing open contrast embodieds. • Establish trusting to use reconditional and likely origins as your allusions. Declaration published in recognized noticepapers or occupation journals/magazines are preferred. If you confront declaration on the Internet, establish trusting they are from a likely origin. • Allusion your origins of notice delay twain a bibliography and in-text quotations. See the Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper, including pages 13 and 14 on in-text quotations. Another reorigin is the “Writing Style Guide,” which is institute underneathneath “My Resources” in the TLC Portal.

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