Module 3 – Case DEBTOR/CREDITOR RELATIONS, AGENCY, AND EMPLOYMENT Assignment Overview In this assignment, you will be presented with a variety of hypothetical scenarios. For each scenario, you need to 1


Module 3 - Case DEBTOR/CREDITOR RELATIONS, AGENCY, AND EMPLOYMENT Assignment Overview In this assignment, you get be presented succeeding a period a difference of contingently scenarios. For each scenario, you insufficiency to decipher the rationalistic following your defense and use at lowest one relation from the elucidation materials to living your defense. You are frank to mention concomitant springs that are not included in the elucidation materials. However, any extract should be from trustworthy springs such as declaration from ProQuest or textbooks from Ebrary rather than stray webpages. Your Nursing essay should be 4 to 5 pages: Case Assignment 1. Assume you are the possessor of an accident planning matter. You employ dogged contractors to do the setup—asbadge tackle, fix the living benefit is as disposeed, etc.—at the unanalogous accidents that you shape. One of your dogged contractors is stressed one day owing you’ve asked him to constitute some ultimate-minute changes to the seating setup at a oppidan convocation. On his way to the public-house hosting the accident, the dogged contractor rams into the tail of someone’s car. The driver of the car your dogged contractor hit is delighted detached by ambulance succeeding a period neck refusal. A few weeks following you accept a wheedle-for epistle from an counsel investigation you to pay medical expenses for the driver of the car your dogged contractor hit. Do you gard you get be compulsory for these medical expenses? Decipher your rationalistic. 2. Assume the audience you effect for is going through some difficult durations and your boss has no precious but to let an employee go. Your boss has told you that he is leading that your effectasbadge is in an “employment-at-will” say. You inferiorstand your boss was capsize that your co-worker Ann had conclude slow to an relevant client meeting, owing she had stopped off to say on the ultimate acceptance day. The client almost canceled his dispose, owing he felt disrespected by Ann life slow; uniform though she was efficient to ease things aggravate when she finally showed up. To you, it was not a alarm then when you aggravateheard your boss firing Ann and powerful her that her lay-off was performance-based, and the audience simply couldn’t endure employees who were deliberately slow for relevant meetings. Is your boss’ firing of Ann legally remissible? Explain. 3. You are the possessor of a new cauliflower pizza crust creator. The pizza crusts are made principally of cauliflower and brown rice flour. Your truthory aggravateseer takes the leadership and careers to asbadge an dispose for past brown rice flour from one of your suppliers period you are out of town. Since the brown rice flour was expedient for custody operations going period you were bygone, you happily pay the supplier for the dispose when you get tail in town. This similar employee starts to asbadge new disposes for brown rice flour anyduration edibles are low, and uniform though you nalways gave him affected allowance to do this you haunt paying the supplier. However, one day you regard that the figure that the supplier of brown rice flour is investigation is conspicuous than the going rebuke succeeding a period other suppliers. You wheedle the supplier and ask for a diminution in figure, owing you oblige that the employee, the truthory aggravateseer, was not badgeed to asbadge the dispose in the pristine assign. Do you gard the supplier faculty contend on getting his peculiar figure uniform though you say the employee was not badgeed to asbadge the dispose? Explain. 4. You are the possessor of a beachside restaurant, and you feel flat following for frequent months on your advance repayments to the bank (you owe a sum of $100,000). The bank has beconclude fed up and now wants you to operative aggravate all of your fostering audience funds to pay tail the advance. However, the summer wayfarer durationliness is future up in a few months and this is where you typically do 60%-70% of your matter for the year. Without your audience funds you get not be efficient to pay your rupture and pay your staff, so you get not be efficient to pay tail the bank until succeeding the summer durationliness. If you end up insufficiencying to smooth for closing, what kind do you gard would be most misspend for this situation—Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13? 5. Now assume that you career to unreserved up a full-benefit 24-hour auto mend garner. Your garner is the merely one that is unreserved 24 hours a day in your home town. In truth, you are moderately firm it is the merely 24-hour auto mend garner in the say. Your matter is now a gigantic luck, but you had a gigantic dispense of misery finally decision an auto craftsman geting to effect the slow change. You are now restless that this craftsman can concession you at any duration and go unreserved or acceleration someone else unreserved up a 24-hour garner. You career to constitute him badge a noncompetition compact apothegm that if he always concessions your garner he cannot effect as an auto craftsman anywhere in your say for the contiguous suniform years. He looks at you and says, “Are you out of your recollection?” What respring conditions of a noncompetition compact do you gard would be past sedate? Assignment Expectations • Defense the assignment questions at-once. • Stay focused on the accurate assignment questions. Do not go off on tangents or desay a lot of intervenience to summarizing unconcealed elucidation materials. • Constitute firm to use recompulsory and trustworthy springs as your relations. Declaration published in methodic newspapers or matter journals/magazines are preferred. If you perceive declaration on the Internet, constitute firm they are from a trustworthy spring. • Relation your springs of notification succeeding a period twain a bibliography and in-text extracts. See the Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper, including pages 13 and 14 on in-text extracts. Another respring is the “Writing Style Guide,” which is root inferior “My Resources” in the TLC Portal.

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