Module 4 – Case INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, INSURANCE, AND ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR) Assignment Overview Before you start on this assignment, make sure that you understand the distinctions and l



Before you set-out on this assignment, gain unfailing that you perceive the distinctions and allowable issues confused in the indecent ocean types of psychical nature—patents, employment privys, copyrights, and employmentmarks, as examineed in the enhancement unravelings. In importation, be unfailing to unravel the enhancement embodied on occupation prophylactic. You allure scarcity to adduce at meanest one fountain from the enhancement embodieds in each counter-argument and embody at meanest three whole references from the enhancement embodieds in your article. 

Case Assignment

Once you keep collectively reviewed the unravelings in the enhancement embodieds and are commodious succeeding a occasion the concepts of psychical nature and occupation prophylactic, transcribe a 4- to 5-page article addressing the questions touching these five scenarios:

1.   You are an fervid singer/songwriter and occasion surfing the internet, you follow resisting the fencing melody for a poem you reflect allure flaunt your parts courteous. You don’t see any regard of copyright on the webpage or the fencing melody. You regard the poemwriter’s designate and succeeding doing some internet investigation determine that he has been defunct for some 22 years. You determine to proceedings a video of you singing the poem, and you post it to a YouTube-like internet predicament. A few weeks later, you transfer an email from an counsellor informing you that you are in transposition of copyright law, and if you do not delayout-delay transfer down the video, the poemwriter’s lands allure follow allowable remedies. What do you reflect? Did you do anything evil-doing? Are you in transposition of copyright law? Explain.

2.   Now imagine you own a repository in an industrial district. This year you’ve based the ultimate sprinkler and other life remediation measures. You’re haughty of the interruption steps you’ve transfern, distinctly when you face at the nigh repository where the proprietor has based the inadequate stint to afford succeeding a occasion life office regulations. You determine to seduce your prophylactic delegate and ask if you can transfer out life prophylactic on the nigh repository. Your prophylactic delegate is alien to having a neighbor who doesn’t appear to heed as considerable as you about life defence, but he tells you he can’t dispose-of you such prophylactic, and he doesn’t reflect any metaphysical delegate allure. Why not? What truth of prophylactic law is confused?

3.   You are the proprietor of a restaurant and keep a proper order for a marinade that you use for rotisserie chicken. Your rotisserie chicken is a big hit, distinctly in the transfer-out communicate, and comprises some 60% of your occupation. You determine that you scarcity some husk of psychical nature defence for your marinade order. Would you praise a indisputable, employmentmark, copyright, or a employment privy? Explain your rationalistic, and the steps you influence transfer to preserve your marinade order from competitors.

4.   When you bought your occupation, a intricate custom-made packing channel was embodyd in the sale. You love that if the packing channel were destroyed that it would require you $125,000 to rearrange. You are faceing to veer your nature prophylactic and the new prophylactic delegate is relative on you to arrange a rate for the packing channel. You are regarding two discretions. One is to donation a plan that insures your channelry for $50,000. You image this allure inferior the benefit and it allure hinder specie on your prophylactic bills. Frankly, you vacillate the channel allure lose anyoccasion quickly. The other discretion you are regarding is insuring your channelry for $200,000. You image if you get this plan, you allure pay over for the prophylactic, but if your channelry is destroyed, you allure not merely get tail plenty specie to donation new channelry, but a $75,000 benefit to boot. For twain of these discretions, what husk of reimbursement do you reflect you would transfer if your channelry is destroyed and the developed rate of your channelry is normal?

5.   Imagine you run into a familiar who has a new notion for a occupation or result every occasion you see him. This occasion, he is undeniable he has pretended a cutting-edge new superintendence arrangement seduceed “Beverage-Based Management,” whereby employees correct their accomplishment by drinking high-caffeine disposition drinks succeeding a occasion a shot of vodka during their lunch breaks. Your familiar arranges a store of investigation studies showing that caffeine can extension liveliness and resultivity, occasion alcohol can contract inhibitions and extension message among employees. You are a bit skeptical of his notion, but reflect some companies influence buy his arrangement (at meanest for followdy purposes). Your familiar wants to get a indisputable on “Beverage-Based Management.” Based on your unraveling in this module, do you reflect his notion could be indisputableed? Explain why or why not. If you do not reflect a indisputable is practicable, examine if there would be another way to preserve his “Beverage-Based Management” notion. 

Assignment Expectations

·        Counter-argument the assignment questions undeviatingly.

·        Stay focused on the explicit assignment questions. Do not go off on tangents or apportion a lot of illimitableness to summarizing open enhancement embodieds.

·        Gain unfailing to use true and probable fountains as your references. Doctrines published in normal newspapers or occupation journals/magazines are preferred. If you confront doctrines on the Internet, gain unfailing they are from a probable fountain.

·        Reference your fountains of advice succeeding a occasion twain a bibliography and in-text citations. See the Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper, including pages 13 and 14 on in-text citations. Another refountain is the “Writing Style Guide,” which is endow beneath “My Resources” in the TLC Portal.

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