On checking the Telerate screen, you see the following exchange rate and interest rate quotes: Dollar 90-Day Interest Rates (Annualized) 4.99% – 5.


On checking the Telescold curtain, you see the aftercited exchange scold and curiosity-behalf scold quotes:

U.S. Dollar 90-Day Curiosity-behalf Rates (Annualized) 4.99% - 5.03%

Swiss franc 90-Day Curiosity-behalf Rates (Annualized) 3.14% - 3.19%

Spot Rates $0.711-22

90-Day Forward Rates $0.726-32

a. Can you furnish an arbitrage occasion?

b. What steps must you choose to capitalize on it?

c. What is the avail per $1 favorite arbitraged? 

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