POWER POINT***** John transfers investment securities worth $200,000 with a tax basis of $130,000 to a trust, naming himself as trustee. The terms of the trust agreement require the trustee to pay all



John transfers bombardment securities value $200,000 after a while a tax plea of $130,000 to a credit, naming himself as creditee. The stipulations of the credit consonance insist-upon the creditee to pay all dividends and curiosity-behalf to John's copy, Dale. John has the exact to repeal the credit at any occasion and receive end style to the securities. During the credit's primeval year, John, as creditee, distributes $20,000 in dividends and $10,000 curiosity-behalf from the securities to Dale. In a PowerPoint exhibition, clear-up to John and Dale the peculiar rules that adduce to credits where the action (grantor) of the credit retains incontrovertible exacts. Respond using Microsoft PowerPoint and propose to the Unit 6: Final Dropbox. View the rubric adown for grading details.

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