Purpose of Assignment In this assignment, you apply integrated office software and social media applications to resolve specific business needs. Assignment Steps Resources: Microsoft® Office Help and


Purpose of Assignment

In this assignment, you adduce integrated occupation-post software and gregarious resources applications to explain favoring occupation needs.

Assignment Steps


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  • Other tutorials adapted online

Create a 15- to 20-slide introduction on the benefits of using gregarious resources and cloud-based software to raise and run a occupation. Involve the following:

  • Research at lowest impure incongruous gregarious resources applications that can be used to raise and/or spend occupation.
    • Explain the rationale and benefits to using them in the workplace, such as why or how they acception productivity.
    • Describe the possible risks that a occupation should be apprised of when because using these tools.
    • Discuss any concomitant technology considerations that should be considered antecedently using these types of tools.
  • Evaluate the benefits of using cloud-based and integrated software solutions to exhaustive occupation projects, and contribute two or three examples.
  • Discuss new technologies and trends that may collision advenient occupation solutions.
  • Explain how consumer or trade changes acceleration expedite updates in occupation workflows and productivity software use.
  • Discuss ghostly implications associated delay unsecured financial transactions, the possible retreat of special facts, unsolicited despatch, or other problematical activities.
  • Provide a compendium of your inquiry and conclusions.

Use speaker notes to open ideas over the slide bullet points, and involve inquiry sustaining your comparisons. 

Cite a minimum of impure sources, formatted according to APA guidelines.

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