Question:May PLC has 10 million ordinary shares in issue and its current market price is £8.00 per share.



May PLC has 10 darling settled portion-outs in manifestation and its popular communicate compensation is £8.00 per portion-out.

The order wishes to euler on a greater disquisition notice and, attached its popular elevated plane of financial gearing, has firm to train new equity of £4 darling.

The order is seeking your education on a number of germinative portion-out manifestation methods:

(i)                A hues manifestation at 25% abatement to the popular communicate compensation;

(ii)              A subterranean abatemented hues manifestation at 50% abatement;

(iii)            A placing of portion-outs after a while institutions at 12 ½% abatement to the popular communicate compensation.


a)     Calculate the speculative ex hues compensation lowerneathneath discretions (i) and (ii)    

b)     An endueor, Mr. Khan that owns 1000 portion-outs is careful that he get not be efficient to buy portion-outs in the hues manifestation attached that he feels that he holds abundance cannonade in May plc portion-outs and would enjoy to vary to another cannonade. Demonstrate to Mr. Khan whether he get endanger prize if he does not buy portion-outs in the hues manifestation and admonish him on the best practicable product. Consider a scenario where the order chooses the cheaper hues manifestation discretion of a subterranean abatement.                               

c)     Calculate the pi on Mr. Khan's plenty if the order chooses to train coin through a placing of portion-outs lowerneathneath discretion (iii).                                          

d) Comment on why UK insurance companies and pension funds may promote companies, in which they endue, to enjoy hues manifestations rather than placings to train new equity excellent.                                           

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