Rawlco Communications operates 15 radio stations. The following events occurred during


Rawlco Communications operates 15 radio stations. The aftercited facts occurred during


  1. Placed an manage for duty preparation requireing $1,800. Supplier intends to pronounce after in the month.
  2. Purchased equipment that require $23,000; remunerated $6,000 coin and verified a promissory music to pay $17,000 in one month.
  3. Negotiated and verified a one-year bank hypothecation, and then deposited $5,000 coin in the company's checking statement.
  4. Hired a new finance director on the ultimate day of the month.
  5. Received an boarding of $11,000 coin from the company's owners in exchange for issuing contemptible shares.
  6. Supplies [ordered in (a)] were current, concurrently after a while a beak for $1,800.

Indicate the particular statement, sum, and course of proceeds for each occurrence on the radio station's statementing equation. If an fact is not considered a occurrence, permission the statement, sum and course of proceeds broad. (Enter any decreases to statement balances after a while a minus wonder.)

ABLFGiHAssetsLiabilities+Stockholders's Equity12equipment+23000payable music+17000cash60003cash-5000bank hypothecation-50004cash+110006capitalsupplies11000+1800Account payable...
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