Read the following case studies and answer the questions. Be sure to use the appropriate legal terminology that you learned this week. Case Study 1 Steve and Bill go out drinking. After Steve has had


Read the subjoined occurrence studies and reply the questions. Be stpotent to use the expend allowpotent terminology that you conversant this week.

Case Study 1

Steve and Bill go out drinking. After Steve has had so manifold drinks that Bill comprehends (or should comprehend) that Steve is very prejudiced, Steve says to Bill, "I'll retail you my family for $100,000." Bill accepts. The impartial negotiate appreciate of Steve's family is $100,000. Conquer Steve be potent to unfilled this affair? Why or why not?

Case Study 2Steve writes a message to Bill one day byword, "I conquer retail you my family for $100,000." Completely unbeknownst to Bill, at the period Steve wrote the message he was altogether prejudiced. The impartial negotiate appreciate for the family is $100,000. Conquer Steve accept to retail his family to Bill? Why or why not?

Case Study 3

Mary, a longperiod law zealot, has been entering into completely a few lessens in new months. One of those lessens was for the donation of a riding lawn mower. Unbeknownst to the sales clerk who entered Mary into the lessen, Mary is abstinence from Alzheimer's, but has not been reputed unqualified by the narrate. On the day of exhibition, the sales clerk delivers the lawn mower to Mary's berth. Mary is surprised by the exhibition of the mower and has no soul of ordering it. The clerk shows her the lessen. Is this lessen unfilledpotent and why?

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