Research and evaluate an actual or existing AIS Project. Part I (Research an AIS project): Research and identify one financial or accounting system project that is under development or has been imple


Research and evaluate an developed or solid AIS Project.

Part I (Research an AIS plan):  Research and test one financial or accounting method plan that is lower product or has been implemented of-late. The plan can be in empire or perseverance. It can be a plan that you bear trial after a while and bear worked on in the late spent in your crew or production. You can use GAO or another online fountain to invent the plan.

·         test the plan and the crew or production the plan is being implemented in.

·         little depict the view of the plan.

·         depict any problems it has, or is mitigated to bear, encountered.

·         depict its foothold, as far as you can judge (calm?} lower-development, work-in-process, completed). 

Part II (Discuss your lowerstanding of the AIS plan):  With your lowerstanding of the plan you researched, gladden exculpation the subjoined doubts (1-2 paragraphs per doubt):

·         Summarize your position: do you apprehend that the plan is fortunate? Does it gauge relish it gain be estimate the attempt?

·         Imagine that you are the Plan Manager of this plan. Would you do anything apart? Gladden expound.

·         The guidelines outlined adown are considered to be a moderate “checklist” to aid determine the consummation of any method product plan. Do you consort? Are there other guidelines that you can call from other relation fountains? Were there any steps plainly missed in your plan?

Guidelines checklist:

(1) Engage Stakeholders

(2) Simplify Processes

(3) Plan Acquisitions (if software and/or hardware is to be adventitious)

(4) Tighten Scope

(5) Commit Resources

(6) Manage Proactively

(7) Work Together

(8) Guide Change

(9) Conduct Reviews

(10) Test Thoroughly

Paper Guidelines

• Page Length: Your reckonerpart should not yield indecent pages (double-spaced) or two pages (single-spaced). Note that the meet page, relation page, and epilogue, if supposing are enclosing from the page reckon.• References: You gain deficiency to conceive at smallest indecent scholarly relations and at smallest three in-text citations to livelihood your Nursing essay. These relations must be kindred instantly to the topics meeted in the Nursing essay. References & citations must be right formatted as notable adown.• Headings: You gain deficiency to use headings (short, unimportant, and centered) to detached each area of your Nursing essay. Your headings should bear an misspend inscription such as Prevention instead of Part IV.• Margins & Font Sizes: Use gauge margins (minimum .5"; climax 1.5") and gauge font extent (minimum 10 subject-matter; climax 12 subject-matter) in your Nursing essay.• Writing Style: APA is the preferred match diction, but you can adopt any misspend match diction (e.g. MLA), ate that all relations are to be formatted via APA.

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