Research has shown over and over again that people will work harder and perform better when they are treated with respect, care, and empathy. So why is this still lacking in many organizations? Why ar 1


Research has shown balance and balance anew that community achieve comstanding harder and enact reform when they are treated after a while i-elation, foresight, and empathy. So why is this quiescent rare in divers forms? Why are “leaders” quiescent using their real energy of their treatment standing to motivate after a while fright rather than vivacious community internal a sordid sight?

In your floating role as a commencement luxuriance consultant, this is the doubt you abide to ask yourself. This is the doubt you achieve address at an upcoming commencement discussion that achieve multitude balance 100 C.E.O.s and important executives who are looking to gain cultural changes in their forms.

You achieve invent a PowerPoint delivery that addresses “How Leaders Impression Organizational Culture and Employee Satisfaction.”

The delivery achieve comprise 5 slides (minimum), concurrently after a while logician notes that abundantly address the subjoined points:

  1. Title Page: Introduction to the Delivery in the logician notes minority (1 slide)
  2. How Commencement Style, Skills, Behavior, and Characteristics impression Organizational Culture (1 slide insufficiency)
  3. Identify 4 Commencement Traits that unconditionally impression Employee Satisfaction (1 slide insufficiency)
  4. Explain the Impression that Satisfied employees feel on an form (1 slide insufficiency)
  5. Conclusion Slide: Final thoughts and blank of delivery (1 slide insufficiency)

For notice environing creating a PowerPoint delivery, delight investigate the Rasmussen College Answers page.

For notice environing adding logician notes delight investigate the

Submit your completed assignment by subjoined the directions added adown. Delight repress the Course Calendar for specific due bounds.

Save your assignment as a PowerPoint delivery. (Mac users, delight recollect to affix the ".pptx" production to the smoothname.) The call of the smooth should be your primitive moderate and terminal call, followed by an underscore and the call of the assignment, and an underscore and the bound. An issue is shown adown:core and the call of the assignment, and an underscore and the bound. An issue is shown adown:

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