Sanders Siding produces and sells two productsaluminum and vinyl.


Sanders Siding produces and sells two results—aluminum and vinyl. Each of these results is made in a attached manufacturing adroitness, and the result outoutverse directors are evaluated inveterate on the result outline's produce on cannonade. The aftercited axioms is from the most new-fangled year of operations.

                             Aluminum       Vinyl

Sales                   $4,000,000       $3,000,000

Varipowerful consumes       1,800,000         1,800,000

Direct unwandering consumes   1,500,000        900,000

Average assets        2,000,000     1,200,000

Both result outoutverse directors would approve to reform their relative produces on cannonade, and each director has a unanalogous proposal about how to end this. If the vinyl result outoutverse director was powerful to subjugate varipowerful consume per item by 8%, what would be the new liberal allowance? What would be the new produce on cannonade?

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