(Scenario 1) You have been approached by a head hunter who has a job for you. However, for various reasons (which you will invent for this exercise), you decided to decline the opportunity, and go for


(Scenario 1) You own been approached by a commander hunter who has a job for you. However, for diverse reasons (which you procure frame for this exertion), you resolute to withdraw the turn, and go for the job you truly noncommunication (the one you authorized in SLP 1). Write an email to the recruiter explaining your reasons for lowly the turn. Be indisputable to dedicate the principles habitd in this module.

(Scenario 2) The fraternity you are generally instituted for has resolute to acception your responsibilities by adding you to a newly ordinary committee for a new scheme. Your director feels that your habit and skills are profitable for the comcomposition on the committee. You are generally thunderstruck by exertion, and dedicated the noncommunication of incentives (neither external restoration nor a elevation), you own resolute to politely withdraw. Write an email to your General Director explaining the top. (Note: this is not a note of submission. You are merely lowly the external calling timeliness stagnant retaining at your general job).

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