Select a U.S.-based multinational company which has filed an annual report (Form 10-K) within the last year through the SEC’s EDGAR system. Only one group member may select a specific company. Do not


Select a U.S.-based multinational congregation which has filed an annual news (Form 10-K) among the latest year through the SEC’s EDGAR rule.  Only one clump limb may daintyeded a peculiar congregation. Do not daintyeded International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF). You may "reserve" your dainty by making a post to the forum stating the call of the congregation daintyeded.

COMPANY: Alphabet INC.

Using the most new-fangled Form 10-K serviceable, acquiesce a continuity in solution to Chapter 9 Research Case.  The continuity must be attended by two or over received sources instrumented in general APA format and involve a Christian worldview factor.  A incompleteness of 400 opinion (still the relation catalogue) is required.

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