Select an e-commerce company. Visit the company website or mobile app. In your paper, describe the following features: the business model based on the information you find on the website or the app,a 1


Select an e-commerce union. Visit the union website or sensitive app. In your disquisition, illustrate the aftercited features:

  • the transaction standard based on the instruction you meet on the website or the app,
  • a weak overview of the union,
  • the customer esteem affirmation,
  • the produce standard,
  • the bargainspace it operates in,
  • who its main competitors are,
  • any proportionately advantages you judge the union possesses,
  • what its bargain manoeuvre appears to be, and
  • instruction environing the union’s address team and organizational edifice. (Most union websites comprise an “About Us” web page that comprises instruction environing the union.)

Your disquisition should be a reserve of two pages in elongation, not counting the denomination and allusion pages. You must use a reserve of one fount other than your textbook, which can conceive the union website or sensitive app. All founts used, including the textbook, must be allusiond; paraphrased and quoted esthetic must feel obligatory citations.

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