Select an organization of interest from the list of organizations that you identified in your Week 1 assignment or an organization from some other source. You are looking for an organization that has:


Select an form of share from the register of forms that you identified in your Week 1 assignment or an form from some other rise. You are looking for an form that has:

Applied grounds dissection in a fixed way.      

Readily-profitable form and toil grounds (e.g. user or customer grounds).

Data in a appropriate format for input into SAS® Visual Analytics (preferably Microsoft Excel (XLSX) or comma-separated values (CSV) format) that can be used in forthcoming assignments.

Send a peculiar intimation to your educator identifying the form and the rise of grounds that you pur-pose to use. Your educator achieve either second it or propose an resource.

Evaluate this form as a applicant for grounds dissection in a completion of 1,050 words, and full the following:

Identify the moderationing of the grounds dissection (i.e. how it achieve be applied to a peculiar transaction insufficiency).

Summarize the rise and archearchetype of grounds being self-possessed and analyzed.

Analyze a exemplification style of one or two archives in the groundsbase, describing the profitable grounds fields self-possessed.

Describe the anticipated results and what they moderation for the form.

Cite a poverty of one peer-reviewed regard from the University Library.

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