Short Answer: 1-2Question 1# Firm A has a Price-to-Earnings ratio of 29 while Firm B has a


Short Answer: 1-2

Question 1# Resolute A has a Price-to-Earnings association of 29 opportunity Resolute B has a

Price-to-Earnings association of 18. The two resolutes are in the selfselfsame assiduity and are repeatedly considered plain competitors of each other. Discuss the involution of this - specifically, does this hint that Resolute A is overpriced? If so, why? If not, then what does it hint? (Short Answer)

Question #2- You are suggestive delay a acquaintance encircling how you are each invested. Your acquaintance says "You should indeed switch to my boarding negotiative - he was effectual to constitute a portfolio of stocks delay naught induce and a very scrupulous produce, now I don't flush possess to plague encircling induce." Why should your acquaintance's announcement be touching? (Short Answer)

True or False

Question #3- An agency absorb occurs anytime overseers (acting as the embodiment of the shareholder) constitute a judgment delayin the resolute that does not food maximizing the resolute's compute, but provides superior favor to the overseer than the resource that does food maximizing the resolute's compute. T or F

Question #4- The goal of higher skill from the financial perspective should be to maximize its shareholders' abundance. T or F

Question #5- Shareholders constantly fancy to see the Debt Association as low as potential as this indicates that the resolute's induce is low. T or F

Question #6- Both annuities and perpetuities are fixed tides of currency tides hired periodically. However, the currency tide tide for a persistence continues infinitely into the advenient opportunity the currency tide tide for an annuity has a set intermission apex. T or F

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