Small Motors Inc, which is currently operating at full capacity, has sales of $29,000, current assets of $1,600, current liabilities of $1,200, net


Small Motors Inc, which is prevalently munificent at unmeasured volume, has sales of $29,000, prevalent property of $1,600, prevalent liabilities of $1,200, net unroving property of $27,500, and a 5 percent emolument edge. The resolute has no long-term default and does not scheme on acquiring any. The resolute does not pay any dividends. Sales are expected to acception by 6.5 percent next year. If all property, short-term liabilities, and costs change immediately delay sales, tally the forthcoming questions? Hint: (Additional Financing Required = Projected property –projected liabilities-prevalent equity-projected acception in retained rights)a. What is the aggregate of projected completion property?

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