South University NSG 5003 midterm exam In examination of the nose, the clinician observes gray, pale mucous membranes with clear, serous discharge. This is most likely indicative of:   Your patient co


South University NSG 5003 midterm exam

In measure of the nose, the clinician respects pure, lurid mucous membranes delay serene, serous disengage. This is most mitigated suggestive of:

Your enduring complains of a sensibility of torpor in the inferior legs daily. You voicelessness varicosities, edema, and dusky speciousness of twain ankles and feet. Which of the forthcoming is the most mitigated acnumber for these concomitants?

Which of the forthcoming is the most momentous topic to ask during cardiovascular sanity truth?

Rheumatic core indiscollocation is a complexity that can originate from which archearchetype of contamination?

A cough is vivid as constant if it has been exhibit for:

A key concomitant of ischemic core indiscollocation is chest suffering. However, angina equivalents may belowstand labunwritten dyspnea. Angina equivalents are momentous consequently:

A mother delay an X-linked dominant assumption earn:

A 55-year-old shaft-menopausal mother delay a truth of hypertension complains of jaw suffering on oppressive labor. There were no complaints of chest suffering. Her ECG illustrations natural sinus rhythm delayout ST limb abnormalities. Your delineation may belowstand:

The aging course accounts what natural physiological changes in the core?

It is momentous to not stretch the eye if ____ is reputed

Your enduring is a 78-year-old effeminate delay a smoking truth of 120-throng years. She complains of hoarseness that has open aggravate the terminal few months. It is momentous to except the possibility of:

In examining the aperture of an older adult delay a truth of smoking, the encourage practitioner ascertains a svain unwritten lesion. The enduring has been referred for a biopsy to be sent for pathology. Which is the most vulgar unwritten precancerous lesion?

A 20-year-old engineering learner complains of episodes of abdominal annoyance, bloating, and episodes of diarrhea. The concomitants usually admit-place behind eating, and suffering is concededly distinctive delay bowel change-of-place. She is on a “celiac diet” and the episodic concomitants adhere. Natural measure and feature ordeals are privative. Colonoscopy is privative for any abnormalities. This is a truth and natural compatible delay:

The most vulgar acnumber of eye redness is:

In AR assumptions, carriers keep:

According to the Genetic Instruction Nondiscrimination Act (GINA):

Aortic regurgitation requires medical tenor for existing prefigurations of CHF delay:

Which of the forthcoming is the most vulgar acnumber of coreburn-archetype epigastric suffering?

The best way to diagnose structural core indisposition/dysfunction non-invasively is:

Essential magnitude of a sanity truth belowstand all of the forthcoming except

Men keep faster and spent fertile biotransformation of drugs and this is provision to be due to:

Answer is Testosterone (one discretion is sordid)

The ocean centre of tenor of endurings delay ACD is:

A 72-year-old mother and her mate are on a cross-country driving recreation. Behind a hanker day of driving, they seal for dinner. Midway through the moderation, the mother beseems very abrupt of vitality, delay chest suffering and a sensibility of excitement. Which of the forthcoming problems is most mitigated?

Your enduring has been using munching tobacco for 10 years. On natural measure, you respect a pure abscessation concealed by erythematous sordid on the policy of his speech. The clinician should own that very frequently this is

The pristine tribute to thorough allied to the eyes is:

A 66-year-old enduring exhibits to the clinic murmuring of dyspnea and wheezing. The enduring reports a smoking truth of 2 throngs of cigarettes per day gone age 16. This would be recorded in the chart as:

Which indiscollocation course typically accounts episodic upupproper eminent quadrant suffering, epigastric suffering or chest suffering that can terminal 4-6 hours or near, frequently gleams to the end (classically below the upupproper shoulder blade) and is frequently accompanied by qualm or vomiting and frequently follows a oppressive, fatty moderation.

Which of the forthcoming provisions is the most vulgar acnumber of qualm, vomiting, and diarrhea?

Which of the forthcoming conclusions should trigger an importunate referral to a cardiologist or neurologist?

In classify to amount a all genetic truth of a enduring, the NP should:

Patients that keep atopic assumptions are resourcested by the formation of Immunoglobulin E (IgE) earn keep histamine stimulated as an direct sight defense. This disengage of histamine results in which of the forthcoming?

Question 31 discretions:


Sinus suffering, increased vascular permeability, and bronchodilation

A 56-year-old hardy complains of anorexia, changes in bowel behavior, terminal harass, and fortuitous consequence dropping. At ages he is constipated and other ages he has episodes of diarrhea. His natural measure is everyday. It is momentous for the clinician to own the avail of

When all lab labor is returned delayin natural limits, what is the most helpful imaging examine to classify, in-reference-to absorb, availability, and sensitivity?

A vulgar auscultatory conclusion in deceased CHF is:

A encourage practitioner reports that your enduring’s abdominal X-ray demonstrates multiple air-fluent flattens in the bowel. This is a feature conclusion fix in:

The most vulgar etiologic organism for community-acquired pneumonia is:

What ordeal is used to perpetuate the idiosyncrasy of appendicitis?CT of abdomen delay observation to appendix

A 76-year-old enduring delay a 200-throng year smoking truth exhibits delay complaints of constant cough, dyspnea, harass, hemoptysis, and consequence dropping aggravate the spent 2 months. The natural exam reveals decreased vitality investigates and shortsightedness to collision aggravate the left inferior lung room. The chest X-ray demonstrates shelve of the resourcesstinum and trachea to the left. These are fina prefigurations of:

Jeff, 48 years old, exhibits to the clinic murmuring of evanescent chest suffering, harass, palpitations, vainheadedness, and abruptness of vitality. The suffering comes and goes and is not associated delay earnestness or labor. Help does not exacerbate or help the suffering. The suffering is usually located below the left nipple. Jeff is watchful beacnumber his father has cardiac indiscollocation and belowwent a CABG at age 65. The ANP examines Jeff and hears a mid-systolic click at the 4th ICS mid-clavicular area. The ANP perceives that this is a hallmark prefiguration of:

Which of the forthcoming is observeed a “red flag” when diagnosing a enduring delay pneumonia?

Mr. Keenan is a 42-year-old man delay a placid truth of GERD and a unconnected truth of an appendectomy, exhibiting delay an sharp attack of prefigurationificant upupproper eminent-quadrant abdominal suffering and vomiting. His suffering began behind a abundant moderation, was undistinctive by a proton-interrogate inhibitor, was heterogeneous his former episodes of coreburn, but upon topicing, reports placider, prodromal episodes of spiritless shaft-prandial suffering. His suffering appears to gleam to his end. Despite a race truth of cardiac indisposition, he reports no fina anginal prefigurations or chest suffering. He furtherspent denies respiratory or pleuritic prefigurations and denies heat, gloom sweats, and unintended consequence dropping. Finally, there are no dermatologic prefigurations, nor genitourinary concomitants.

In importation to the thorough class number (CBC) delay differential, which of the forthcoming laboratory ordeals is observeed to be most helpful in diagnosing ACD and IDA?

What is the most vulgar valvular core indiscollocation in the older adult?

Iron Imperfection Anemia (IDA) is classified as a microcytic, hypochromic anemia. This stamp refers to which of the forthcoming laboratory grounds?

A 22-year-old effeminate comes to your employment delay complaints of upupproper inferior quadrant abdominal suffering, which has been worsening aggravate the terminal 24 hours. On measure of the abdomen, there is a gross heap and recoil kindness aggravate the upupproper inferior quadrant. The clinician should own the avail of:Pelvic measure

Which of the forthcoming details are NOT observeed conjuncture staging asthma?Long-acting beta agonist usage

Dan G., a 65-year-old man, exhibits to your pristine preservation employment for the evaluation of chest suffering and left-sided shoulder suffering. Suffering begins behind determined earnestness, including walking. Suffering is characterized as stolid, aching; 8/10 during earnestness, incorrectly 0/10. Began a few months ago, intermittent, pressing by effort, and distinctive by tranquillity. Has interrupted qualm. Suffering is retrosternal, radiating to left shoulder, definitely affects pvain of vitality by limiting earnestness. Suffering is worse today; did not go afar behind he sealped walking. BP 120/80. Pulse 72 and conceded. Natural core investigates, S1 and S2, no murmurs. Which of the forthcoming differential diagnoses would be most mitigated?Coronary artery indiscollocation delay angina pectoris

The forthcoming measure is observeed a independent conclusion when determining whether a enduring delay asthma can be safely monitored and treated at home:Tachypnea superior than 30 vitalitys/minute

Your 2-year-old enduring semblances facial features, such as epicanthal folds, up-slanted palpebral fissures, unique across palmar crumple, and a low nasal bridge. These are referred to as:Dysmorphic features allied to genetic indisposition

A 26-year-old, non-smoker, hardy exhibited to your clinic delay SOB delay labor. This could be due to:

Alpha-1 imperfection

Your enduring has been treated for glaucoma for 5 years. Which of the forthcoming earn amount still n ess of the flatten of objurgate during the funduscopic measure for this enduring? Estimating cup-to-disk proportion

Which of the forthcoming medications are vulgarly associated delay the policy pi of cough?ACE inhibitor

When interpreting laboratory grounds, you would forebode to see the forthcoming in a enduring delay Anemia of Constant Indiscollocation (ACD):

   discretion missing

The pristine step in the genomic tribute of a enduring is obtaining instruction in-reference-to:

In assessing the eyes, which of the forthcoming is observeed a “red flag” conclusion when associated delay eye redness?

During natural measure of a enduring, you voicelessness jar on collision in the eminent lung rooms. This is compatible delay:

Which ordeal is the clinical model for the tribute of aortic stenosis?

Which of the forthcoming would be observeed a “red flag” that requires spent inquiry in a enduring tribute?

When counseling clients in-reference-to the use of antidiarrheal drugs such as Imodium anti-diarrheal and Kaopectate, the encourage practitioner advises endurings to:

Which of the forthcoming imaging studies should be observeed if a pulmonary malignity is reputed?

A 75-year-old enduring complains of suffering and paresthesias in the upupproper sole that worsens delay effort and is distinctive by tranquillity. On natural measure you voicelessness pallor of the upupproper sole, capillary furnish of 4 seconds in the upupproper sole, +1 dorsalis pedis pulse in the upupproper sole, and +2 pulse in left sole. Which of the forthcoming is a mitigated acnumber of the prefigurations and concomitants?

Emphysematous changes in the lungs amount the forthcoming personality in COPD endurings?

Which of the forthcoming conclusions would illustration a insufficiency for another endoscopy in clients delay peptic abscess indisposition?

Your enduring has lawful returned from a 6-month missionary fall to Southeast Asia. He reports assiduous cough, hemoptysis, and an fortuitous consequence dropping of 10 pounds aggravate the terminal month. These concomitants should bpromote the clinician to conjecture:

The cytochrome p order involves enzymes that are generally:

Functional abilities are best assessed by:

Epistaxis can be a concomitant of:

Which of the forthcoming is not a contributing ingredient to the product of esophagitis in older adults?

A 24-year-old enduring exhibits to the strait portion behind sustaining multiple traumatic injuries behind a motorcycle clothing. Upon measure, you voicelessness tachypnea, use of intercostal muscles to vitalitye, asymmetric chest comment, and no vitality investigates aggravate the left inferior lobe. It is most momentous to conjecture:

You keep a enduring murmuring of vertigo and scantiness to perceive what could be the account. Knowing there are abundant accounts for vertigo, you topic the diffusiveness of age the passion terminals. She tells you various hours to days and is accompanied by tinnitus and hearing dropping. You conjecture which of the forthcoming provisions?

An 82-year-old effeminate exhibits to the strait portion delay epigastric suffering and faintness. She admits to having black, linger stools for the terminal few days. She reports a hanker truth of suffering due to osteoarthritis. She self-medicates daily delay ibuprofen, naprosyn, and aspirin for knee suffering. On natural measure, she has orthostatic hypotension and pallor. Fecal dark class ordeal is independent. A mitigated etiology of the enduring’s problem is:

The main impression of the physiological changes that admit-place delay aging is:

The pathophysiological hallmark of ACD is:

Which concomitant is spent personality of Non-Cardiac chest suffering?,

A 23-year-old enduring who has had bronchiectasis gone childhood is mitigated to keep which of the forthcoming:

Upon tribute of respiratory trip, the clinician voicelessnesss asymmetric comment of the chest. One policy expands superior than the other. This could be due to:

A local exam used to evaluate the ashes bladder is:

Susan P., a 60-year-old mother delay a 30 throng year truth, exhibits to your pristine preservation usage for evaluation of a adhereent, daily cough delay increased sputum formation, worse in the dawning, admit-placering aggravate the spent three months. She tells you, “I keep the selfselfsame creature, year behind year.” Which of the forthcoming choices would you observe strongly in your fastidious thinking course?

Question 80 discretions:


Seasonal allergies


Acute bronchitis


Bronchial asthma


Chronic bronchitis


Question 81 (2 points)

Your 35-year-old effeminate enduring complains of sensibility palpitations on create. The clinician should own that palpitations are frequently a prefiguration of:

Question 81 discretions:








All of the above


Question 82 (2 points)

A 59-year-old enduring delay truth of alcohol abuse comes to your employment beacnumber of ‘throwing up class”. On natural measure, you voicelessness ascites and caput medusa. A mitigated acnumber for the hematemesis is:

Question 82 discretions:


Peptic abscess indisposition


Barrett’s esophagus


Esophageal varices




Question 83 (2 points)

A 74-year-old oleaginous effeminate exhibits murmuring of adhereent upupproper eminent quadrant suffering. She reports that she has not had any anterior abdominal surgeries. Which of the forthcoming laboratory studies would be most suggestive of sharp cholecystitis?

Question 83 discretions:

C-reactive protein flatten of 3 mg

White class cell number of 11,000

Direct serum bilirubin flatten of 0.3 mg/dl

Serum amylase flatten of 145 U/L


Question 84 (2 points)

In a enduring exhibiting delay reputed perching of diverticulitis, abdominal suffering usually exhibits where in the abdomen?

Question 84 discretions:


Left eminent quadrant


Right eminent quadrant


Left inferior quadrant


Right inferior quadrant


Question 85 (2 points)

Which of the forthcoming statements is gentleman touching anti-arrhythmic drugs?

Question 85 discretions:


Amiodarone is the simply one not associated delay increased decenjoyment and it has a very concessive policy pi feature.


Both hanker-acting and abrupt-acting calcium implement blockers are associated delay an increased promote of cardiovascular morbidity and decease.


Most anti-arrhythmics keep a low toxic/therapeutic proportion and some are very-much toxic.


Anti-arrhythmic therapy should be established in the hospital for all endurings.


Question 86 (2 points)

In autosomal recessive (AR) assumptions, men-folks insufficiency:

Question 86 discretions:


Only one mutated gene on the sex chromosomes to earn the indisposition


Only one mutated gene to earn the indisposition


Two mutated genes to earn the indisposition


Two mutated genes to beappear carriers


Question 87 (2 points)

Which of the forthcoming clinical rationalistic tools is defined as illustration-based supplies sordidd on matter-of-fact modeling to direct the probability of a pvain in selecteded situations, settings, and/or endurings?

Question 87 discretions:


Clinical usage guideline


Clinical conclusion rule


Clinical algorithm


Clinical recommendation


Question 88 (2 points)

Symptoms in the modeobjurgate civilized immunoimperfection poison (HIV) contamination belowstand all of the forthcoming except:

Question 88 discretions:


Sore throat




Weight dropping




Question 89 (2 points)

An 86-year-old enduring who wears a hearing aid complains of moneyless hearing in the unsupposable ear. In importation to practicable hearing aid malfunction, this pvain is frequently due to:

Question 89 discretions:


Acoustic neuroma


Cerumen impressionion


Otitis resources


Ménière’s indisposition


Question 90 (2 points)

A enduring complains of heat, harass, and pharyngitis. On natural measure there is pronounced cervical lymphadenopathy. Which of the forthcoming feature ordeals should be observeed?

Question 90 discretions:


Mono spot


Strep ordeal


Throat culture


All of the above


Question 91 (2 points)

Which of the forthcoming concomitants is vulgar delay sharp otitis resources?

Question 91 discretions:


Bulging tymexcitement membrane


Bupproper vain reflex of tymexcitement membrane


Increased tymexcitement membrane mobility


All of the above


Question 92 (2 points)

A 64-year-old hardy exhibits delay erythema of the sclera, disseverance, and bilateral pruritus of the eyes. The concomitants admit-place intermittently throughout the year and he has associated serene nasal disengage. Which of the forthcoming is most mitigated beacnumber of the inflammation?Allergen

An oleaginous middle-aged client exhibits delay a month of nonefficient blistering cough delayout heat. He so reports interrupted dawning hoarseness. What should the differential belowstand?

Atypical pneumonia


Peptic abscess indisposition


Gastroesophageal overflow


Mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr)


Question 94 (2 points)

When education a bunch of older adults in-reference-to obstruction of gastroesophageal overflow indiscollocation concomitants, the encourage practitioner earn belowstand which of the forthcoming instructions?

Question 94 discretions:


Raise the ruler of the bed delay pillows at gloom and munch peppermints when concomitants of coreburn begins.


Raise the ruler of the bed on blocks and admit the proton interrogate inhibitor medication at bedtime.


Sit up for an hour behind preliminary any medication and tranquillityrict fluent intake.


 Avoid help intolerances, establish ruler of bed on blocks, and admit a proton interrogate inhibitor precedently a moderation.


Question 95 (2 points)

Jenny is a 24 year old furrow learner that exhibits to the clinic today delay complaints of heat, midsternal chest suffering and generalized harass for the spent two days. She denies any cough or sputum formation. She states that when she admits Ibuprofen and tranquillity that the chest suffering does appear to enjoyment off. Upon measure the enduring exhibits looking very ill. She is liking progressive and states that this is the most snug collocation for her. Temp is 102. BP= 100/70. Core objurgate is 120/min and conceded. Upon auscultation a rubbing rub is sonorous. Her lung investigates are serene. Delay these exhibiting concomitants your modeobjurgate idiosyncrasy would be:

Question 95 discretions:


Mitral Valve Prolapse


Referred Suffering from Cholecystitis




Pulmonary Embolus


Question 96 (2 points)

A 75-year-old enduring delay community-acquired pneumonia exhibits delay chills, efficient cough, atmosphere of 102.1, pulse 100, respiration 18, BP 90/52, WBC 12,000, and class urea nitrogen (BUN) 22 mg/dl. He has a truth of placid dementia and his spiritual foothold is unchanged from his terminal mark. These conclusions illustration that the enduring:

Requires hospitalization for tenor


Requires a tall dose of parenteral antibiotic

The best illustration rating drugs to observe in a shaft myocardial infarction enduring belowstand:

Question 97 discretions:

 ASA, ACE/ARB, beta-blocker, aldosterone blockade

ACE, ARB, Calcium implement blocker, ASA

Long-acting nitrates, warfarin, ACE, and ARB

ASA, clopidogrel, nitrates

Your enduring complains of inferior abdominal suffering, anorexia, terminal harass, fortuitous consequence dropping of 10 pounds in terminal 3 weeks, and you ascertain a independent hemdark on digital rectal measure. Laboratory ordeals semblance hearty imperfection anemia. The clinician insufficiencys to observe:

An older enduring reports persistent suffering behind ingestion of abundant helps and abundant moderations. What tribute would aid the encourage practitioner in making a idiosyncrasy of GERD?

Identification of a fluent wave

Positive Murphy’s prefiguration

Palpable spleen

Midepigastric suffering that is not reproducible delay palpation

During auscultation of the chest, your exam reveals a vociferous rancorous investigate at the inferior anterolateral lung rooms, at generous poesy and existing deadness. This conclusion is compatible delay:

Source coalesce