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Note: Assume using straight-line amortization of fastening abatement or douceur.General JournalDebit CreditInterest Receivable12,000Interest Income11, 400Investment in StallionCorporation BondsGOOPony Corporation owns 65 percent of the voting supply of Stallion Corporation, and indistinct statements arprepared on December 31, 20X7.Required:a. What was the initiatory lapse value of the fastenings to Pony Corporation?X Answer is not accomplished.Original lapsepriceb. What is the weigh In Pony's fastening investment totality on December 31, 20X7?* Answer is not accomplished.Bond investmentaccount:. Prepare the worksheet end record or entries needed to transfer the property of the Intercompany ownerbonds in preparing indistinct financial statements for 20X7. (If no record is required for a transaction/event"No register record required" in the primitive totality ground.}* Answer is not accomplished.NoEventAccountsDebitCreditA200,000Bond douceurInterest incomeInvestment in Stallion Corporation fasteningsInterest expenseB2Interest payable12,000Interest receivable12,000

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