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Discussion Prompt(s)Prompt 1:  Wire Transfers:

Go to Electronic Banking of Federal Trade Commission (Links to an apparent site.) [Website]

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) provides for electronic payments and collections and there are so manifold ways EFT can be used for occupation and special lives. EFT is protected, fasten and hither dear than disquisition obstruct payments and collections.What's past momentous is the pliancy of EFT.

Have you forforever used EFT for your unimpassioned payobstruct bond or do you calm?} promote the manual/actual paycheck? How about paying taxes for your occupation? What are the benefits of Electronic Funds Transfers? What are the allied regulations and direction?

You're encouraged to range through this website: and oration the subjoined question: What are the procedures for making an Electronic Funds Transfer?

For development, if you career to pay your occupation taxes online through EFT, what procedures conquer be enthralled? Any other developed globe developments conquer also be encouraged.

Prompt 2

What are the chronicles used for agekeeping and how does technology influence this? Manifold of us keep the test of filling out age prevarication and suggestting it preceding to receiving payroll obstruct. What husk of sustaining instruments do you keep to suggest to demonstrate the counsel shared on the age prevarication? Do you keep to get plaudit from your overseer? Also, how would you particularize how manifold of your working hours conquer be hired? What about Overtime?

Instead of using the disquisition age prevarication, past and past occupationes are turning to computerized age/attendance recording classification. Is that what's going on after a while your exoteric corporation and if so, what's your test?

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