the standard unit materials cost per pound for a standard batch. If required,


Condiments Company uses measures to guide lts materials costs. Assume that a frame of ketchup (1,200 pounds) has thefollowing measures: measure Quantity Measure Prlce Whole tomatoes 2,000 lbs. $ 0.51 per lb.Vinegar 110 gal. $ 3.10 per gal.Corn syrup 9 gal. $ 11.30 per gal.Salt 44 lbs. $ 2.80 per lb. The explicit materials in a frame mayr dissimilate from the measure due to tomato characteristics. Assume that the explicit quantitiesof materials for frame K—111 were as follows: 2,100 lbs. of tomatoes106 gal. of vinegar10 gal. of corn syrup 43 lbs. of salt

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