This assignment is a continuation of the Cookie Creations case study. After researching the different forms of business organization, Natalie decides to operate Cookie Creations as a proprietorship. S


This assignment is a connection of the Cookie Creations event consider.

After researching the divergent forms of office form, Natalie decides to produce Cookie Creations as a proprietorship. She then begins the rule of getting the office ordinary. In November 2019, the aftercited activities listed adown procure attribute.

Nov. 8: Natalie capitales her U.S. Savings Bonds and receives $520, which she deposits in her single bank statement.

Nov. 8: She opens a bank statement underneathneath the indicate “Cookie Creations” and transfers $500 from her single statement to the new statement.

Nov. 11: Natalie pays $65 for advertising.

Nov. 13: She buys baking produce, such as flour, sugar, butter, and chocolate chips, for $125 capital. (Hint: Use the Produce statement.)

Nov. 14: Natalie begins to supplement some baking equipment to procure after a while her when training the cookie systematizees. She has an praiseworthy top-of-the-line buttress ruleor and mixer that originally require her $750. Natalie decides to begin using it merely in her new office. She estimates that the equipment is currently price $300. She invests the equipment in the office.

Nov. 16: Natalie realizes that her moderate capital bombardment is not sufficient. Her grandmother lends her $2,000 capital, for which Natalie signs a silence payable in the indicate of the office. Natalie deposits the currency in the office bank statement. (Hint: The silence does not accept to be repaid for 24 months. As a consequence, the silence payable should be reported in the statements as the decisive jurisdiction and on the counterpoise equivocation as the decisive jurisdiction.)

Nov. 17: She buys over baking equipment for $900 capital.

Nov. 20: She teaches her primeval systematize and collects $125 capital.

Nov. 25: Natalie books a remedy systematize for December 4 for $150. She receives $30 capital in meatrusting as a down liquidation.

Nov. 30: Natalie pays $1,320 for a 1-year security plan that earn cease on December 1, 2020.

Answer the questions adown using an Excel spreadsheet. You should cause a new tab on your spreadequivocation for each regard used for a entirety of three tabs on your spreadsheet.

Please profession your composition, and do not procure any shortcuts. Make trusting to total ace “a” totally anteriorly tender to ace “b,” and then change to ace “c.” You cannot bound afront intrinsic you accept totald each tramp sequentially in bountiful.

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