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Question 3 Petron Bhd, is a diminutive gang that requires high— trice unconsidered oil from low-volume genesiswells owned by beings and diminutive partnerships. The unconsidered oil is arrangemented in a singlerefinery into Two Oil, Six Oil and dirty distillates. Petron does not possess technology orcapacity to arrangement these products excite and sells most of its output each month to majorrefineries. There was no threshold finished result or work—in—progress inventories onNovember 1. The genesis absorbs and output of Petron for November are as follows: Unconsidered oil acquired and placed into genesis RMS,000,000Direct labour and connected absorbs RM2,000,000Manufacturing over RM 3,000,000 Genesis and sales: Two Oil, 300,000 barrels executed, 80,000 barrels sold at RM20 each.Six Oil, 240,000 barrels executed, 120,000 barrels sold at RM30 each.Distillates, 120,000 barrels executed and sold at RMIS each. You are required to separate and adapted the quantity of articulation genesis absorb that Petronwould classify to each of the three articulation products by using material item rule and relativesales estimate rule. (10 marks)

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