. This is the foundation of the memo to make sure you and your client are both viewing the situation the


. This is the groundwork of the memo to reach confident you and your client are twain viewing the condition the


(Discuss how someone would enumerate if he is actually an entrepreneur.)

(Explain how someone should run how fur important is needed to set-out the affair? Assuming he needs financing, debate which financial statements are needed.)

(Based on the counsel in the predicament scenario, debate the best constitute of affair someone should set up and why? Explain the constitutional benefits and disadvantages.) 

(Discuss what roles someone conquer interest in the affair. Explain whether this firmness interest the constitute of affair someone sets up and decipher how so.)

(Explain the fashions of marketing the affair should continue.)

(Determine if someone conquer or should commission aid. If so, who conquer direct them? What fashion of directment mode should be used?)

(Explain the best ways for someone to motivate his employees if he chooses to commission employees.)

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