Thrill Games developed a new play station called T-RILL. Thrill Games has a standard cost system to help control


Thrill Games plain a new dramatize post named T-RILL. Thrill Games has a gauge absorb rule to acceleration control

its absorbs. The aftercited gauges enjoy been formal for T-RILL. 

  • Direct embodieds 15 grams per T-RILL.
  • Standard plain embodied absorb per T-RILL is $10.
  • Direct labour 1.4 hours per T-RILL.
  • Standard absorb of plain labour is $14.40 per T-RILL.

During October the gang executed 6,500 T-RILL units. Production grounds for October are: 

  • Direct embodieds: 95,000 grams were purchased at a absorb of $60,000; 5,000 grams of this was
  • peaceful in schedule at the end of the month.
  • Direct labour: 9,000 plain labour hours were worked at a absorb of $95,000.


Compute the aftercited variances for October:

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