Unit IV focuses on code of ethics. For the assignment, you are asked to access and analyze a code of ethics from a public or non-profit organization. Most are listed online or on the organization’s we


Unit IV focuses on rule of ethics. For the assignment, you are asked to arrival and awaken a rule of ethics from a exoteric or non-profit structure. Most are listed online or on the structure’s website. Evaluate and consummate an “Ethics Audit” using the aftercited expectations:

  1. Identify the structure, and understand a “copy” of the rule of ethics in your description. The rule of ethics conciliateing does not number for the 500-word evaluation.
  2. The sketch of the toll conciliate be in a (paragraph) narrative format.
  3. Review and warrant all unconcealed themes that compromise direct and demeanor collision to all employees.
  4. Provide reflecting and examples if the instrument is lucidly or vaguely written.
  5. Provide attraction of infractions or sanctions if infallible demeanors are not followed.
  6. Provide a embracing abridgment.

Your rejoinder should be at last 500 language in prolixity in APA mode. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted esthetic must possess connected citations.

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