Use the Module One Activity Template to complete this task (attache file) Select two companies operating in the same industry; for example, Macy’s and Dillard’s Inc. The companies have to be in the sa


Use the Module One Activity Template to perfect this lesson (attache perfect)

Select two companies uncounted in the identical assiduity; for issue, Macy’s and Dillard’s Inc. The companies possess to be in the identical duty in direct for the homogeneitys to be precious to your dissection. Perfect the spreadsheet, providing the following: 

●Ratio Research: Use the Excel spreadsheet template to awaken the separated fraternity homogeneitys (Profitability, Financial Strength, Valuation, Management Effectiveness, Dividends, and Efficiency) for twain of the competitors. To perfect this distribute, you can use the website Morningstar in the module devices to earn the homogeneitys.You can besides use the SEC Edgar Fraternity Filings device to earn the homogeneity from annual reports. Note: The homogeneitys possess to be from the identical spell era, the identical year for twain competitors. 

●Industry Ratios:In direct to awaken homogeneitys for the companies, you scarcity to earn the homogeneitys for the Assiduity the competitors effect in. Assiduity appraises for the homogeneitys can be build in the apostacy post of the Morningstar Valuation page. If no apostacy appraise is beneficial, put the five-year averages for twain companies in the assiduity post and use these figures for the assiduity similarity of your homogeneity dissection.

●Ratio Analysis: Assimilate the two companies naturalized on their homogeneitys. Use the latest post in the template to point how each fraternity is doing in reference to the homogeneitys.Explain the purport of how the fraternity homogeneitys assimilate to the assiduity and each other.

●Summary:Finish by correspondent the questions beneath the disexception exception of your Excel spreadsheet. 

o Briefly interpret what a homogeneity disexception is in 1-2paragraphs. Cite your devices.

o Naturalized on the homogeneity dissection, in which fraternity would you be disposed to endue and why

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