Using data from a set of 5 different countries graph the effects of changes in Oil rents and Broad money on an AS-AD Model starting at equilibrium starting in 1970 and ending in 2007. As much data is


Using basis from a set of 5 incongruous countries graph the proceeds of changes in Oil rents and Broad currency on an AS-AD Copy starting at makeweight starting in 1970 and exit in 2007. As abundant basis is forfeiture in these memorials, I would confide using 'USA','GBR','CAN','ZAF' and 'MEX', denoted by their ISO3 jurisdictions. The jurisdiction supposing in notes 2 and 3 should stipulate a cogent starting aim for this partition. Using this basis, and potent for each empire, fit a direct copy to irritate the covariance between the predictions of our copy and Real GDP per Capital, potent for properties approve tend.Comment on the fit of the copy and the gauge errors to criterion whether our copy presents copy expressive levels of covariance between our Predicted Real GDP and Real GDP. Discuss the collision and insights of this copy to Financial Risk Management and our mind of the macroeconomy.

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