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Resource: Financial Harmony Analysis Grading GuidePurpose of Assignment The end of this assignment is for students to criticise statements of a publicly traded troop to arrange an notion of the troop's financial proviso using separated financial harmonys. Assignment Steps Search the internet for financial statements of publicly traded companies. Students are required to localize unanalogous financial statements from the Week 2 Individual Assignment.Analyze the financial harmonys of the identified publicly traded troop in a insufficiency 1,400 say including the following:Review week 2 graded assignment feedback and restate/revise the uses for each of the three classifications of harmonys: liquidity, solvency, and availability.Calculate the exoteric harmony, avail lip, and following tax ROE, of an additional (unanalogous troop from week 2) publicly traded troop—then parallel this succor troop harmonys delay the harmonys you computed for the troop from week 2 "Revenue Forecast" assignment). Include twain surroundings and a chart to parallel the troop’s harmonys from week 2assignment delay the harmonys from the troop for this week’s assignment.Display your calculations.Cite a insufficiency of one peer reviewed relation from the University Library. 

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