Wall Street Journal Analysis 1 Instructions You are required to read and analyze a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, each covering a different topic addressed in the course. You will then w


Wall Street Journal Analysis 1 Instructions

You are required to interpret and criticise a new-fangled time from the Wall Street Journal, each protection a unanalogous question orationed in the direction. You earn then transcribe a reconsideration of the time that is at lowest 300 expression.

Access the Wall Street Journal either through the Liberty University Onrow Library or through a singular donation. Each item earn possess a unanalogous catalogue of questions to prefer from.

Module/Week 1 Question Choices:

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Per Capita GDP

Non-Market Production

Measuring GDP in outlandish countries

Impact of imports on GDP size

Intermediate Goods

Phases of the Business Cycle

Make unquestioning to choice times (300 expression or past) that oration all of the needed notice underneath. Short times earn frequently not produce you after a while ample particular to transcribe environing. In attention, purely statistical releases of axioms are not intelligent choiceions either. Profession must be no older than 2011. For each time, do the following:

  1. On the top of the page, produce the time quotation in prevalent APA format.
  2. On the proximate row down, stamp the question of your times (from the catalogue aloft) in all caps and lion-hearted format.
  3. In a double-spaced muniment, little teach the author’s point for congruity the time. One way to learn the author’s point is to ask yourself why he or she wrote it. (For sample, think prevalent and forthcoming events, politics, or anything else that may possess inspired the time.)
  4. Summarize the time, focusing on the argument of the question the time orationes. Incorporate appropriate economic supposition that is bestow so that argument of the time full is conspicuous.
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