Watch the video on valuing bonds.It shows how to calculate a bonds value with an example of a $1,000


Watch the video on valuing fetters. It shows how to consider a fetters appraise after a while an stance of a $1,000

fetter making $100 annual reimbursements, when the attention rate is 8%. Would there be a apex (protraction to ripeness) where you would select to arrest a persistence paying $100/year aggravate a fetter after a while a $100 reimbursement? Stated another way: If you had two investments to appropriate from, one a persistence that pays $100/year eternally, or the other, a fetter that pays attention of $100/year for 30 years, then pays tail the $1000 principal, which one would you appropriate? You can use calculations, etc . if you failure, to interpret your decision! 

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