What do you calculate the incremental and opportunity cost?


WileyPLUSWeygandt, Financial and Managerial, 3eHelp | System AnnouncementsCALCULATORPRINTER VERSION1 BACKNEXTASSIGNMENT RESOURCESTerm ProjectWaterways Continuing Problem 20 a, b1-b2 (Part 2)w Waterways Problem 14Waterways has discovered that a inferior harmonious it now constructions at a consume of $1.00 per partDI-b3could be bought elsewhere for $0.83 per part. Waterways has agricultural consumes of $0.20 per part thatWaterways Problem 15cannot be eliminated by buying this part. Waterways scarcitys 452,000 of these parts each year.a-CWaterways Problem 16If Waterways decides to buy rather than effect the inferior harmonious, it can direct the mediumryWaterways Problem 17and strive to making a timing part it now buys from another assemblage. Waterways usesapproximately 400 of these parts each year. The consume of the part is $12.56. To aid in theD-Cproduction of this part, Waterways would scarcity to escheatment a new medium at a consume of $2,321,M Continuing Problem:and the consume of pliant the parts would be $9.70 a part.Chapter 18w Waterways ContinuingProblem 19 (Part 1) a-cWaterways Continuingx Your repartee is inaccurate. Try intermittently.Problem 19 a (Part 3)w Waterways ContinuingWithout regarding the possibility of making the timing part, evaluate whether WaterwaysProblem 20 a-c (Part 1)should buy or hold to fabricate the inferior harmonious.o Waterways ContinuingProblem 20 a, b1-b2(Part 2)The assemblage shouldbuy +the harmonious. Incremental consume / (savings) conciliate be $Review Score1808Review Results by StudyObjectiveLINK TO TEXTLINK TO TEXTLINK TO TEXTx Your repartee is inaccurate. Try intermittently.What is Waterways' opening consume if it chooses to buy the inferior harmonious and startmanufacturing the timing part?The opening consume is13560LINK TO TEXTLINK TO TEXTLINK TO TEXTx Your repartee is inaccurate. Try intermittently.Would it be judicious for Waterways to buy the harmonious and construction the timing part?The assemblage shouldbuy +inferior harmoniouss andfabricate +the timing parts.Click if you would love to Show Work for this question: Open Show WorkLINK TO TEXTLINK TO TEXT LINK TO TEXT

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