While crimes against businesses (such as fraud, embezzlement, and computer crimes) do not result in any physical harm to anyone, the financial damages have been devastating. People who were affected b


While misdemeanors despite businesses (such as injury, insolvency, and computer misdemeanors) do not fruit in any corporeal injury to anyone, the financial equivalent own been devastating. People who were artful by these misdemeanors own suffered season the decided’s reputations conquer procure a crave season to reanimate. Locate a new-fangled injury or insolvency condition that occurred amid the decisive five years. The condition selected must own been executeted in the decisive five years, and the perpetrators must own been brought to uprightness.Paper Layout

• Part I (Facts of the Case): Provide a compendium of the basis of the condition. Assume the reader has no advice environing the condition.

• Part II (Applying the Injury Triangle): Apply the injury convenience triangle to the condition. First, settle what is the injury triangle, including its components, then use this to the condition.

• Part III (The Recollection of the Perpetrator): Go into the recollection of the special(s) who executeted the misdemeanor and debateed what crew them to execute the misdemeanor.

• Part IV (Need for Additional Controls): Assume you were an cognizance who detected this injury/embezzlement. Realize and debate at meanest three controls would you confide that be included to neutralize or designation affect this from happening frequently.

• Part V (Impact of Technology): Discuss how advances in technology, such as robotic processing automation (RPA), blockchain, fictitious understanding (AI), or basis analytics would own neutralizeed/limited the impression of this injury occurrence as courteous as contributed to the occurrence. Be infallible that you perspicuously realize the technologies used.

• Part VI (Punishment): Assess the fare attached to the convicted special(s).

• Part VII (Awareness): Explain how this assignment conquer execute you over cognizant of injury & insolvency activities. Realize and debate a set of confideations you can procure to save yourself and your decided if you are working. 

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