While crimes against businesses (such as fraud, embezzlement, and computer crimes) do not result in any physical harm to anyone, the financial damages have been devastating. People who were affected b 1


While misdemeanors despite businesses (such as wrong, insolvency, and computer misdemeanors) do not end in any natural detriment to anyone, the financial atonement bear been devastating. People who were monstrous by these misdemeanors bear suffered suitableness the attached’s reputations conciliate use a crave term to revive. Locate a fresh wrong or insolvency occurrence that occurred among the developed five years. The occurrence selected must bear been relegateted in the developed five years, and the perpetrators must bear been brought to fairness.Paper Layout

• Part I (Facts of the Case): Provide a analysis of the postulates of the occurrence. Assume the reader has no knowledge about the occurrence.

• Part II (Applying the Wrong Triangle): Apply the wrong turn triangle to the occurrence. First, bound what is the wrong triangle, including its components, then exercise this to the occurrence.

• Part III (The Liking of the Perpetrator): Go into the liking of the peculiar(s) who relegateted the misdemeanor and argueed what herd them to relegate the misdemeanor.

• Part IV (Need for Additional Controls): Assume you were an voucher who detected this wrong/embezzlement. Fulfill and argue at meanest three controls would you approve that be interjacent to bar or word relish this from happening again.

• Part V (Impact of Technology): Discuss how advances in technology, such as robotic processing automation (RPA), blockchain, affected mind (AI), or basis analytics would bear bared/limited the contact of this wrong episode as well-behaved-behaved as contributed to the episode. Be strong that you explicitly fulfill the technologies used.

• Part VI (Punishment): Assess the forfeiture given to the convicted peculiar(s).

• Part VII (Awareness): Explain how this assignment conciliate mould you over apprised of wrong & insolvency activities. Fulfill and argue a set of approveations you can use to cover yourself and your attached if you are established. 

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