You are given the following information by Apple PLCSpot Exchange Rate ($ / ¥) $1.00 / ¥100.00USA


You are attached the behindcited counsel by Apple PLC

Spot Diversify Reprove ($ / ¥) $1.00 / ¥100.00


Curiosity-behalf Reprove 7.5%

Japan Curiosity-behalf Reprove 2%

USA Inflation Reprove 4%

Japan Inflation Reprove 1%

Q) Using the curiosity-behalf reprove resemblance assumption, determine:

i. Whether the $ get value or depreciate

ii. The new $ / ¥ diversify reprove behind backbiting or appreciation

Q) Briefly clear-up whether at equilibrium, investing in Japan get genereprove over advantage for a US

investor than investing in the US.

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