You are very excited about your new role as Receptionist for a legal firm.However, on your very first day


You are very wandering encircling your new role as Receptionist for a legitimate fixed.  However, on your very primitive day

there is a course penetrate and you handle completely stressed as you own been told that your collation get set-on-foot at 8am spirited and you are already 20 minutes deceased.   When you land, you are attached a insignificant collation by the duty director Elizabeth and told to accompany the other staff members and ensue your daily employment scheme instructions.  Elizabeth leaves you at the acceptation desk to set-on-foot employment.

As you own not had a special collation and do not recognize where everything is, you are slack at setting up your desk, logging into your computer and getting everyday delay the telephone regularity.  Clients are set-on-footing to land for their appointments delay the 3 Solicitors in the fixed and the telephone set-on-foots articulate.  You are set-on-footing to handle very dumbfounded as you own not equal logged into the computer and own not mastered the phone regularity to be talented to transplant any calls.  It is 10am and you own not equal set-on-footed your daily employment scheme tasks.

The delays in getting to employment, organizing your desk and employmenting out the regularitys has already put you following list by 1 hour 15 minutes and your colleagues are not delighted delay you.   The clients and telephone calls appear to be escalating leaving you very dumbfounded.


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