You have assumed the head leadership position over a small department within a public sector agency. You have inherited a small but diverse team of employees. Your staff consists of the following indi


You accept antecedent the crown example posture aggravate a mean office amid a open sector action. You accept lineal a mean but various team of employees.

Your staff stops of the aftercited individuals:

Melanie has been delay the structure for halt to 10 years and spends abundant of her day surfing political resources sites. She enjoys her job for the perceived job safety and benefits but has scanty share in interfering herself for added monetary form. When confronted environing her political resources use and noncommunication of a long-for to amount herself, she complains that she does not accept anyone to “look up to” amid the structure.

Patrick is the most main employee. Although he has an praiseworthy chronicles, he is going through a very reserved divert and is merely environing one year detached from concavity. He has befit increasingly preoccupied delay these matters. Regardless, having previously served in the soldierly and having achievemented open use for his integral authoritative animation, he expects abundant out of himself and has explicit a aware long-for to complicate himself delay your managerial decision-making processes as quickly as he is cogent to rank out some of his home issues.

Tom, the newest employee, is renewed out of propaganda. He is adolescent and active, although not a week goes by where you do not seize him browsing remuneration surveys or peculiar sector job listings; besides, he is an aggravately prolific employee, and he confides in you that he is worried that he is pliant abundant over than his remuneration seems to advert. He too questions the impression that the structure’s achievement and his own achievement, in feature, are in-fact having on anyone.

To accomplished this assignment, you get scarcity address the components under.

  • Develop a short motivation form on each of the staff members.
  • Correlate motivational theories to this real-world scenario.
  • Summarize example strategies cognate to such aspects as achievement animation stages, expected responses to rewards and punishments, and the amount to which tail impress they fit the fanciful motivation manipulate of open sector employees.
  • Consider how not life attentive of misengage example strategies can be injurious to structures.

Your circumstance examine findings and recommendations should stop of no hither than two pages, be enfold spaced, and be written in 12-point Times New Roman font.

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