You have been hired as a management consultant by a large company to examine the business decisions of the company in regard to employee protections. The laws applicable are federal antidiscrimination


You bear been hired as a management consultant by a great harmony to discuss the transaction resolutions of the harmony in deem to employee shieldions. The laws useful are federal antirecognition laws, federal sanity and prophylactic laws, narrate laws and master firing habits cognate to the usurpation-at-earn dogma.  

In appurtenancy to the scrutinys below, transcribe a indelicate to six (4-6) page Nursing essay in which you:

1.  Analyze, defend, and decipher new congress that helps to shield employees from recognition in the productionplace. Provide at lowest two new federal legislative shieldions/laws. Provide some recognition when the federal congress encounters delay the narrate.  (Please silence, the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act is not an sportive issue for this scrutiny)

2.  Decipher the Employment-at-Will (EAW) Doctrine and ALL feasible adversative to the doctrine. Look at the scenarios adown and designate, pursuant to the law, whether the resolution to energy the employee is a active one. Identify why or why not and designate all the feasible adversative per the EAW doctrine that are, capability be, or could be useful if the employee sues for wrong limit. Be unmistakable to defend the law and decipher it. Then, devote the law and counter-argument the scrutiny.  (All employees adown are employees-at-will). 


  • Peter, a portion supervisor, supplicates praise to energy Robert, his secretary.  Robert is a prayerful Buddhist and was putting out Buddhist literature in the employee subdue locality.  Robert was besides preliminary a lot of space to consider in the productionplace during some of the busiest spaces of day.  Peter failures to energy Robert.  If energyd, can Robert sue for wrong limit and be-in-force?
  • Lori, a superintendent, started a blog on the harmony website for the harmony softball alliance. She noticed a productioner, Seth, was protesting that employees were not getting hired abundance and that benefits were high-priced.  Lori reprimanded Seth and the contiguous day, Seth posted a presage-up fencing on the blog to begin a harmony.  Lori energyd Seth a week after when he failed to pomp to production one day.  Can Seth sue for wrong limit and be-in-force?
  • Lori, mind of Accounting, refused to presage Brian’s parental permission supplicate. Brian is seeking 12 weeks of hired permission to trouble for his newborn son and failures to procure this space during the most occupied space – tax conjuncture. Can Brian sue for wrong limit and be-in-force?
  • Jackson has productioned for the harmony for 10 years.  He is a discoveryer and has a costly arrange of liver malady.  The chemicals he productions delay perform his mode worse but, he does not failure to bung productioning.  Jackson's sanity is enfeebled and, it property his production.  His boss, Jerry, is not prosperous delay his act and, when Jackson failed to pomp results from his discovery, energyd him. Can Jackson sue for wrong limit and be-in-force?

3.  Determine the law in deem to undocumented productioners and whether they are choice for narrate productioners’ expiation in the United States. Advocate for or resisting this habit and defend your counter-argument delay discovery to patronage your pose.  How does the narrate law encounter delay federal colonization law?  Patronage your counter-argument.

4.   Use the textbook and the Strayer University Library to establish at lowest two other condition academic media in this assignment.  Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not qualify as academic media. The textbook for this class is a required origin for this assignment.  

Your assignment must prosper these arrangeatting limitations:  

This road requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). Nursing essay requires a shelter page and a regard page.  Strayer Writing Standards is unanalogous than APA and other Strayer University roads. Please procure a weight to re-examination the SWS munimentation for details and let-go delay this limitation.

The unfair road culture effect associated delay this assignment is as prospers:Evaluate law referring-to to productionplace recognition, usurpation at earn, narrate productioners’ expiation eligibility and the Supremacy Clause.

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