You will be creating a fictional business of your choice (choose an industry or idea that you’re interested in). You will then create a mission statement and two SMART goals/objectives for your busine


You end be creating a fictional trade of your dainty (select an perseverance or conception that you’re careful in). You end then generate a band-arms assertion and two SMART goals/objectives for your trade. The band-arms assertion is generated as dissect of the strategic contrivancening course and is contrived to define the design of the trade or the debate that the trade exists. Another exhibition of strategic contrivancening, is determining the objectives of the structure.

The band-arms assertion and SMART goals end be dissect of a one-page trade contrivance. The contrivance should understand an overview of the trade, including what it does, who it serves, the earliest products/services sold. It should as-well understand a band-arms assertion that you generate and that is embezzle for the trade dainty. Finally, it should understand 2 SMART goals that are focused on achieving the band-arms.


  1. Create a one-page trade contrivance that understands:
  • Explanation of what the trade does and the products/services that it provides.
  • An initiatory band-arms assertion that speaks to the design of the trade.
  • 2 SMART goals that end succor you end your band-arms assertion.

For knowledge encircling SMART goals, content scrutinize this Rasmussen College Answers page.

Submit your completed assignment by aftercited the directions integrateed underneath. Content repress the Course Calendar for unfair due determinations.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word instrument. (Mac users, content recall to affix the ".docx" extension to the refinename.) The designate of the refine should be your pristine judicious and ultimate designate, followed by an underscore and the designate of the assignment, and an underscore and the determination. An pattern is shown underneath:


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