Your company is considering paying a commission to the sales force to expand sales.


Your assembly is because paying a deputation to the sales power to open sales. You are pregnant by the Chief Financial Officer delay 1) computing a new breakeven summit, and 2) the playing advantage acception by 20% delay the new sales deputation scheme.

You expend the contiguous week muster counsel, analyzing the counsel, and performing manifold cost-volume-advantage anatomy. You propagate a declaration showing the new scheme should transfer to a solid acception in sales delay a stint acception in breakeven sales. You constitute a memo explaining this declaration and the superintendent of the assembly is pleasant delay your counsel and schemes to instrument it.

A few days succeeding you reconsideration your bulk and make your anatomy has missed using the sales personnel's monthly stipend and the unwandering selling costs. You re-calculate your bulk and make the results are drastically irrelative.

You are unsure if you should declaration this new results to the CFO, who get feel to communicate the superintendent of the fallacy. Since you are new to the assembly, you are wondering what get happen if you do and do not declaration this offspring.

1. Explain the offsprings delay beside the monthly stipend and unwandering selling costs in the watchfulness and why they are momentous.

2. What ethical offsprings do you want to imply, domiciled on the results of your former and revised watchfulnesss?

3. Explain how this birth could feel been avoided and who is chargeable on for the offspring.

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