To Kill a Mockingbird – Character Notes

Mrs Dubose: Pg. 119 ? visible style Mostly in provision 11 Jem and Banter by her progeny and she stirs them up environing Atticus defending Tom Robinson. Jem rubbish whole camellia in her oasis, and then twain are oppressive to interpret to her. Morphine addict. Independent, callousy devised, daring, old gentle, desolate, cantankerous, inconsistent, unfairness Helps Jem and Banter to discern actual valor, pg. 124 Gained moderation ? expressive Fear and fallacy driven race to disregard Mrs. Dubose Mayella Ewell: Pg. 197 ? visible style Fragile, complex, nervous, unintelligent Attended the seek event, was raped by her dad, event was blamed on Tom Robinson. Pg. 190 – 199 quotes on and environing. Aunt Alexandra: Pg. 141 ? visible style Harsh, old gentle, bossy, old, opinionated, conscientious, balance powering, vindicateive, stringent She wanted to fluctuate Banter into a ‘proper lady’, sturdy to mould a emend disagreement than Calpurnia. Created past problems than solutions. Didn’t bear deference for Calpurnia. Pg. 145, 140 ? quotes from Aunt Alexandra Provision 12 ? Calpurnia took banter and jem to ebon habitation Provision 24 ? Aunt Alexandra has tea border. Racism is displayed Calpurnia: Pg. 6 ? visible style Key role is to grant control to Banter and Jem, shows them the ebon commonwealth Hardy devised, authoritive, legal, rational, caring, reason, dressy, skin, vindicateive Been delay them incessantly gone Jem was born, pg. 6 Pg. 32, 139, 138, Heck Tate: Sheriff of Maycomb County Pg. 104 ? Visible style Balance powering, lofty, watery, rich, Provision 10, mad dog shooting Has to restrain Tom, is concerned in the seek event, Heck Tate defends Jem and Boo from nature accused of Bob Ewell’s fall Pg. 300 - 304, quotes from Heck Tate Bob Ewell: Pg. 147 ? visible style Concerned in the Nursing essay opposite Tom Robinson, rapes his daughter, assaults Jem and Banter Arrogant man, anthropological waste-matter, stain, spends weal money on alcohol, conclusion go emaciated, detrimental, misfortune, outrageous, abusive, narrow, insulting, Pg. 189 – 192, quotes from seek event Pg. 296 – 303, quotes from the assault Miss Rachel: Finch’s contiguous door neighbor Good friends delay Aunt Alexandra, frequently has tea at the Finch’s progeny, helps banter to comprehend that Boo Radley is a discerning individual, Young, ladylike, grown, Dill’s aunty, Pg. 56, 220, 143, Banter Finch: Tomboy, constantly starts conflicts, brawny cheeks, narrow ebon hair, black brown eyes Independent, daring, funny, inquiring, heady, aggressive, narrow lenient Story is told by her object of object Banter saved Tom from nature lynched Atticus Finch: Lawyer, rational man, sublimely deferenceed, father, widower, dry judgment of humour, judgment of morally, one of the few citizens who believes in identity, benign, sturdy, disinterested, accepting, callousy, caring, daring, unpretending, quiet, seekeous, blood-warm The one wateryg that doesn’t wait by ‘majority rule’ is a man’s intuition. Jem Finch: Pg. 227 ? indecent skins of race in the earth, Pg. 240 ? why they ^ can’t get parallel Pg. 13 ? talking to Dill Indecent years older than banter, growns throughout the innovating, becomes past executed by events owing of a deeper reason, phases in and out of unprovided to poise out delay Scout, tries callous to vindicate banter although they conflict. Adventurous, poetical, daring, caring, absorbed, godly, obedient, charismatic, vindicateive, Tall, angular, black haired, brown eyes, tries to suppress his calm, unripe. Miss Maudie: Same age as Aunt Alexandra, glasses, brown hair, seen as an olden image, spends a lot of span in the oasis Progeny burns down, Miss Maudie refuses to go to the Nursing essay owing she believes they are enjoy a ‘Roman Carnival’, sublime cake mouldr, supports Atticus’ ideas. Respected, callousy devised, neighborly, supportive, sharp-tongued, obedient, widowed, defy, minion of Banter Pg. 47 ? style