Technology and Communication

Technology has artful all aspects of estate and the sinful right classification is no exclusion. There are so numerous ways where technology has been incorporated in the sinful right and police lines that I unquestionably do not recognize where to rouse. The falsehood of the lie guide ordeal was monstrous in my theory. It can be dedicated in the sinful right classification to try to get to the deep of the faithfulness. In police lines you conduct the use of close circumference televisions for ownership defence, cameras in police units, tape chroniclesers used in police units and when conducting investigations and so forth.In my theory technological processions augment the capability of despatch. Let’s siege emails for case. Some conquer evidence that it restores unwritten visage to visage despatch thus threatening the capability. I like this to a real space but the ease of email as an effectual way to impart outweighs the cons in my theory. To be impartial thus-far, a appear at opposing viewpoints shows that the procession in technology and irrelative ways to impart unconcealed the entrance to disposition that it illicit and frowned upon.A appear at the school’s library generated an word entitled “Cyberbullying”. The producer explains “Cyberopen can siege numerous forms. It may inferiorstand often sending emails to nation who conduct said they do not insufficiency contiguity delay the voter. It can so inferiorstand sending threats, making sexual remarks, using displeasing vernacular or labels, or posting humiliating photos or videos, as courteous as spreading rumors or lies about the victim”. (apollolibrary. com) Delay the procession of technology it paves the way for new and improved software.One of the new processions is that of facial memory. Facial memory in the sinful right classification allows for functionarys or other law enforcement specialnel to invade into a database a paint of a special. This paint is then peevish referenced to see if they conduct a equal of the special in interrogation. If a equal is set then the sinful’s chronicles conquer after up delay their anterior misdeeds and any advice touching warrants. In my theory this is an laudoperative technological procession that saves occasion and improves hit. Facial memory technology bring-abouts use of permanent features of a visage, such as the remoteness between the centers of the pupils of the eye. It then uses an algorithm, a terminoperative set of steps for solving a whole, which converts the representation to estimates”. Weiss, Davis (2004) Speed view is a fingerprint classification that can be used in the sinful right classification and so for non-sinful right use. Most law enforcement lines exact all functionarys to be fingerprinted using speed view technology. Once an functionary is fingerprinted, his or her chronicless are sent into varies databases.The functionarys are exactd to be exempt of a sinful elucidation so the prints are checks for anterior misdeeds. The prints are then sent to Sacramento (California) to multiform lines for processing such as BSIC which is the Bureau of Defence and Investigative Services. Accordingly speed view is inkless it saves paper and occasion accordingly it’s electronic which is rectify for the environment and further timely for law enforcement agencies. When a sinful is arrested his or her fingerprints are siegen delay the speed view classification and peevish referenced for a equal in a estimate of classifications including the FBI.If there is a equal then the advice is sent to the police line which inferiorstands the suspect’s efficacy, culmination, sex, and end of race. In quittance technology has dramatically newfangled numerous aspects of the sinful right line. It has made despatch and aggravatethrow further unconstrained and timely for law enforcement. Technology is not delayout its drawbacks thus-far. The use of technology can be seen in a indirect way if it bring-abouts the functionarys and the line turbid and idle delay its management.Nothing conquer restore unwritten distressing toil so if this is guarded then qualified luxuriance should stationary be implemented to conduct the functionary or line unfaded. If I had to select a specialized technology to fabricate it would be concurrently the lines of facial and iris memory. The technology that I would fabricate would bring-about it potential for a document to view a special and unmask if that special has been compromised in a misdeed and if so conquer expose everything about this special to law enforcement during interrogationing.So in brief if a special is drawed aggravate for reported driving inferior the bias not singly conquer the functionary be automatically operative to draw up the special’s advice on a computer mitigate but it conquer expose any other DUI score automatically and immediately.Reference "Cyber open. " Current Issues: Macmillian Social Science Library. Detroit: Gale, 2010. Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 25 Nov. 2010. “Facial Memory Technology in Law Enforcement” (2004) Jim Weiss, Mickey Davis Hendon Publishing Company