Essay on Ethical Decision Making

Ethics-PHI 220 03/16/2012 Intellectual Sentence Making Paper Subject Study: From Santa Clara University There are two emblems of surrogacy. One emblem involves a surrogate dame who uses her own egg and carries the baby for someone else. The other emblem is a "gestational surrogacy" in which the dame has no genetic tie to the offshoot she carries. In the subject presented, a gestational surrogate is used. A dame, succeeding a bout succeeding a occasion uterine cancer had a hysterectomy (surgical non-location of the uterus). Before, its non-location, so-far, she had separate eggs removed for likely fertilization in the forthcoming. Now married, the dame wishes to feel a offshoot succeeding a occasion her mate. Obviously she cannot endure the offshoot herself, so the foreigner utilizes a fraternity to meet a surrogate dame for them. The mate's sperm is used to refine one of the helpmeet's eggs, and is implanted in the surrogate dame. The foreigner pays all of the dame's pregnancy-kindred expenses and an extra $18,000 as restoration for her surrogacy, and succeeding all expenses are fascinated into statement the foreigner pays the dame hinderly $31,000 and the action hinderly $5,000. Though the surrogate passed aastringent immaterial testing to fix she was suitserviceable to convey another foreigner's offshoot, succeeding conveying the pregnancy to order, the surrogate says that she has befit too unshaken to "her" offshoot to furnish it up to the foreigner. A juridical conflict ensues. Step 1: Gather Pertinent Information The Surrogate is conveying a baby that has no genetic ties to her. The Surrogate was compensated still polite to do a utility and careers not to thrive through succeeding a occasion the utility. The surrogate now careers to suppress the baby and the specie consequently she has developed to hinder to the baby. Step 2: Emblem of intellectual bearing According to Markkula disposition for applied ethics, reasonableness instrument giving each idiosyncratic what he or she deserves or, in further unwritten orders, giving each idiosyncratic his or her due. Reasonableness and openness are hinderly kindred orders that are frequently today used interchangeably. There feel, so-far, so been further contendent understandings of the two orders. While reasonableness usually has been used succeeding a occasion intimation to a trutination of properness, openness frequently has been used succeeding a occasion heed to an power to umpire succeeding a occasionout intimation to one's feelings or interests; openness has so been used to belong to the power to produce judgments that are not balancely open but that are consolidated and restricted to a feature subject. In any subject, a conception of waste is discriminating to twain reasonableness and openness. (SCU) The most fundaimmaterial postulate of reasonableness—one that has been widely certain gone it was chief defined by Aristotle further than two thousand years ago—is the postulate that "equals should be treated twin-fellow and unequal’s heterogeneous. " In its coeval contrive, this postulate is sometimes explicit as thrives: "Individuals should be treated the identical, eventual they contend in ways that are pertinent to the plight in which they are compromised. (SCU) By the surrogate suppressing this baby, she is going abutting anybeing that was in the concord. This baby has no affection to the surrogate; it is the egg of the mate and helpmeet who compensated her to convey their offshoot. In the United States it is iljuridical to pay a idiosyncratic for non-replenish benefitserviceable organs. The horror is that specie conciliate bias the bald to injury their bodies for the utility of the wealthy. Is there a correspondent betwixt this subject and this law? Can assigning surrogate dames to be compensated for their troubles assign balder women to be ruined? On their website, the AMA says "that surrogacy reduces [when the surrogate uses her own egg], occasion allowable, should transfer the lineage other the proper to unoccupied the reduce succeeding a occasionin a reasonserviceable date of era succeeding the lineage of the offshoot. If the reduce is unoccupieded, guardianship of the offshoot should be attached according to the offshoot's best interests. " (SCU) So-far this is not the subject succeeding a occasion this foreigner, the foreigner used their own egg and implanted it into the surrogate so should the identical rules use? Step 3: Use Intellectual Theories and Approaches Intellectual plea is separated into two ocean emblems or approaches in this subject which are chastity and trust ethics. Virtue ethics begins by because what produces a idiosyncratic (or his/her office or motives) morally cheerful (Aristotle, Hume). Trust Ethics focuses on rules or acts and what produces them proper (Mill, Kant, Rawls). (Ethical Theory) According to the twain theories the surrogate should workman balance the offshoot to the biological parents. This surrogate has no true ties to the offshoot and was compensated for a utility and is violating a reduce by not providing the offshoot she was compensated to produce. Step 4: Exploring Practical Alternatives With this feature subject there are not numerous alternatives. Option 1- nature that the surrogate suppresss the offshoot and produce all the specie she was compensated to do the utility and the specie put out for her medical bills. The surrogate could so refund the foreigner for their era and character ache. Option 2- The foreigner and the surrogate could go in front of a umpire and feel the umpire career what is best for the offshoot and the tribe compromised, and what the issue shall be. Step 5: Complete the Action This is the most leading step in the intellectual sentence making mode. This is where the actions are carried out. Succeeding reviewing all the details and options for this subject the most intellectual being to be produced is for the surrogate dame to furnish the baby, who has no biological affections to her end to the biological parents. The surrogate can suppress the $18,000 she was compensated for restoration for her era and expenses, plus the specie put out for all her medical expenses. Works Cited "Justice and Fairness. " Santa Clara University. Web. 17 Mar. 2012. . "Ethical Theory. " Web. .