Tweet Less, Kiss More

“Techno Tyranny” Bob Herbert explains in his season “Tweet Less, Kiss More” (published July 16th, 2010) how technology has developed so ample throughout the years and how we own made further season for our “gadgets” than for tribe obstruct to us. Instead of nature delay our families and acquaintances we grant them a fleet email or citation missive when we should be cherishing moments contemporaneously. We are so tinged in our own lives and blinded by technology that we are mislaying out on the actual universe and rottenness costly season we cannot get end. These days we can’t appear to grasp ourselves loose from a computer for near than a day or accelerate to and from the grocery accumulation delayout granting a citation or employment a acquaintance date on the highway. We’re “tweeting” our individual lives on the internet but won’t grasp season to be delay our families. Cell phones own merely been introduced to humans of-late and we’ve survived delayout them for decades, so why can’t we husband to stride out the door delayout them today? The advances in technology balance the elapsed few years are fabulous, and all very handy, but as Herbert picturesquely it, “The blessed wonders of technology are balancewhelming us. We don’t regulate them; they regulate us. ” These incongruous media of message are origin to sunder relationships and acquaintanceships separate. Further and further tribe are revealing their special feelings astern computer screens and finding themselves insufficient to do so face-to-face. Further and further romances are established and ended through citationing. Chat rooms are nature created for consultation others and starting crave separation relationships. Children and adults are struggling further delay social suggestive and are experiencing disquiet due to hanging on keyboards instead of vocal message. Delay humans hanging further and further on technology, we are rottenness estimable season communicating through electronics and solemn our relationships delay others by enigmatical to stay them through citationing or twinkling messaging. It’s season for humans to put their cell phones loose, obstruct their laptop screens and “Tweet Less, Kiss More”. Submitted by: Olivia Gowan Date: July 28th, 2010